Our youngest MHM is 7 years old.  She just completed first grade.  She loves to swim, but even more than swimming she loves to win.

She got up yesterday morning at 8:30 and swim for 45 minutes doing laps and drills at swim team practice.

She then convinced me to take her back at 10:00 am for another 45 minutes of laps and drills.

She then attended a clinic at noon for thirty minutes on the breast stroke.

She attended another clinic at 1:00 for thirty more minutes on starts, dives and streamlining.

She came home, ate lunch and slept for an hour.

We went back to the pool at 5:00 pm for a swim meet.  

She swam in five events.  

We arrived home at 9:30 pm and she showered and headed for her bed.

As I tucked her in she said she was proud of her swimming.  She should be!!  She earned 3 first place ribbons and 2 second place ribbons.  The first one was for back stroke and the other team had a swimmer who beat her by less than a second.  The other one was the butterfly which she just mastered this week.

Right before I left her room she said ... "Next week I will do even better!"

I am inspired by her hard work and determination!!!

I love you baby girl ... you inspire me to work hard each and every day!!!


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