Haven prep ...

(My new business cards compliments of the amazing Emily McCarthy!!!)

You may or may not have noticed the blog is undergoing some changes.  

I was a blogspot and now I am a dot.com

Let me pause for a moment and take that all in ... 

This is huge for me.  I started writing this blog seven years ago and just recently recommitted myself to writing five days a week.  I love blogging and I love the amazing people I have met thru comments, blogs and subsequently Instagram.  I have made some precious friends and had some amazing experiences.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and was greeted with success!  

Haven Conference 2013

Last week I registered for Haven Conference here in Atlanta.  I am excited beyond words to attend!  I am rooming with my sweet friend Amanda and we are already planning our time together!  I may or may not have started packing.  Ok, I did.  But ... I love to pack early.  

Any veterans?  Any one have recommendations for us? Any must dos or need to skips?

Roll call ... who all is going?  


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