Happy Birthday JFK!

It is hard for me to comprehend that President John Kennedy would have been 100 years old on Monday. To think of the life he would have led had his life being cut short is a lot for me to process. Since he passed away almost ten years before I was born his life and the life he led with Jackie has always been incredibly intriguing to me.  Their lives were magical and complicated, family oriented with a duty to public service.  It almost seems unreal at times.

I have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to Camelot and love to peruse the incredible images I have gathered.  Something about the time they lived in truly sucks me in.  This photo of Jackie is just one example of the images that truly capture my heart!

In his honor I have gathered some truly amazing photos that I had never seen before. What I love about these images is each of them show the man I believe him to be; passionate, intelligent, complicated, a lover of the sea and a man who loved his children.

Happy Birthday JFK!

Hope your Wednesday is truly fantastic!

All images via Pinterest (search John Kennedy)

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