On The Way Home ...

I am so excited to say I am on the way home today!!  After four amazing days in High Point and a total of twelve days on the road this month I am thrilled to be heading home to my sweet family and my adorable pup.  I honestly can not wait to squeeze my children and have my pup jump up with sheer excitement when he spots me.  And my bed is truly calling my name. Traveling is always so much fun but there is truly no place like home!

Sigh ... 

I remember when I added all of the amazing places and people and meetings on the calendar a few months ago and just wondering how it would all turn out and how it would all get done.  It was almost overwhelming at the time looking at all of those dates and appointments on the planner.  Here I sit with extra coffee (I am a bit sleepy) under a quilt in a farmhouse in Winston Salem (it's quite chilly) feeling full of ideas and memories and stocked up with inspiration and content ready to be researched and written.  It has been nothing short of amazing ... from arriving on a plane in late September in Orlando, Florida to packing up the car today from North Carolina and heading home.  Wow ... what an incredible few weeks.

I have much to share, so much to show you and even more to shout from the rooftops.  Truly ... the most incredible twelve days of nothing short of magic.

I will be back tomorrow with an amazing interview and some super exciting news.

See you tomorrow Lovies!!

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