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Debuting Prints Charming

When I think of Madcap Cottage my head and heart are filled with thoughts of color, pattern, whimsy and fun.  Add in two fun loving incredibly talented designers, Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke, and you have pure design magic. I can not think of one single Madcap room that I have ever seen that doesn't make me smile.  Perfect layers with lots of color and pattern and you end up with happy rooms and, of course, happy clients.

The House of Bedlam, their home in Highpoint, North Carolina, has been the subject of many magazine articles, a One Kings Lane feature and on more blogs than I can count.  This feature by my favorite blog, The Glam Pad, is truly one to read and to add each of the photos to your Pinterest boards. Their home is warm and welcoming and layered with so many things they love. I had the honor of staying one night with them during this market and I can tell you I would have stayed forever. This story in the October 2016 issue of Traditional Home give you a full tour of their home and some inside information on their journey and renovation.

I am thrilled to share their highly anticipated first book, Prints Charming, is available for purchase.  This incredible 256 page guide to prints and patterns and beautiful rooms is one you will not be able to put down. I received my copy on Friday evening and have read it every single night since.  Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it is filled with so much information and knowledge and tips on creating incredible rooms.  I am telling you it will be your new favorite book.

I had the immense privilege of sitting down with Jason Oliver Nixon in the living room of the House of Bedlam to talk with him about Prints Charming, what it means to them and some of the special things they added to truly create a one of a kind "little black book" for pattern and color.

You will truly love this book and want to grab one for yourself and for gifts.  I can not imagine a better hostess gift or happy for the upcoming fall and winter season.  Take my advice and get four, you will be thankful you did!!

Have the best Thursday!  

Video by the amazingly talented Todd Morris


  1. What a gorgeous book. What I find so striking in the images above is the depth of each room. The layers really draw the eye in. Look forward to picking up a copy of their book. Thanks for sharing Paige.

  2. So glad that color is coming back!! I am so tired of all of the white and gray!



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