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Do I smell burning hair?

Oh, yes it is Monday and I am thrilled to be back into a school schedule! This should probably read ... it is Monday and messy Lawyer is out of my hair until Friday night! I do love him, but he is a walking mess maker. How I survived life with him before the ADD meds I will never know! It is only 8:29 am and I am already running around here like I am on fire. Wow ... it is going to be a great day!

I am loving the gym membership ... but my house is showing it. Somehow every time I leave the gym my to do list gets pitched. I walk out of there with the WTF attitude. As in I have worked out and lets PLAY!!! It is not good ... my house is SCARY. And I am not known for the SCARY house, so I must concentrate today on pulling it together. I do not function unless I am Monica Geller! So, as they used to say when I worked retail ... "She is running around her like her hair is on fire!" I must straighten ... oh, and put the Christmas tree away. If I wait on Lawyer it will be up for July 4th! Thank God it is fake ...

Oh, and make some time today to read ... I am sure if she lived next door we would be BFFs for sure. The best kind of friend ... one who can poke fun at themselves! Love her!!!

Have a good one ...

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