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Tag ... I am it!

So my friend Tahoe Girl tagged me. She wants me to list five strange things I eat. Really ... only five? And nothing vegetarian. That will be a hard one. Ok, here goes ...

1. Salt water taffy - by the bags full. But I really only like about five of the flavors. The rest I will not touch with a ten foot pole. Not kidding. They are trash to me! (Actually I have a major sweet tooth and I am a candy junkie.)

2. Bagel sandwich from the Jewish Deli by our house - Has to be a toasted everything bagel with light cream cheese, sliced tomato and one slice of an onion. Truly delicious!

3. Tomatoes - Not so weird unless you see me eating them like an apple. And why only eat one? Not kidding. At all. I love tomatoes. They really can make anything taste better. Nothing like it sprinkled with salt! And the little grape ones ... yeah those are great too, just like cherries. I can eat these right out of the carton.

4. Mixed up cereal - I love to mix two or three cereals in the same bowl. Usually something with fiber, something with fruit and something crunchy. Love to mix them. I even have a couple of varieties I mix all the time.

5. Vanilla ice cream with honey and cinnamon sugar - Ever had a fried ice cream? When I was in college I worked at a mexican restaurant one summer and fell in love with fried ice cream. When I eat plain vanilla ice cream I love to drizzle it with honey and cover it with cinnamon sugar. To die for.

I tag Clemsongirl, Hair Girl and Green Magsterpie. Come on ... out with it. What strange things do you like?



  1. I'm the same way with salt water taffy - I throw away the flavors I don't like

  2. I'll do it, I promise.

    But really? I eat tomatoes by the carton...

  3. The ice cream sounds really good!

  4. Ditto on the salt water taffy. I could survive for days on that alone.

  5. That bagel sammy is my fav too- although I would ideally love to add Nova too. And I LOVE honey on everything. Ice cream, yogurt, saltines, whatever...

    Your swap should be at your house by tomorrow or Sat at the latest.

  6. I did it!

    Any of them surprising to you?



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