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Oh ... I am feeling the vapors ...

Seriously ... today Concrete Hottie showed up in shorts. Lawyer was dressing to go outside and discuss the color of the apron and then he says to me ...

"Oh, you are done for ... he is in shorts today!"

Even he thinks he is hot ... I mean, seriously ... how often does a former Navy Seal come to your house as a Concrete guy?


And now he is gone. For good. The job is basically done and he has given his men all of thier instructions. I mean I have his number, but it is not the same thing as our morning chats over concrete. Shouldn't we have weened off our morning relationship? Was cold turkey the way to go?

I am thinking notsomuch and maybe I will be worried about cracks late next week and he will have to pop in to check on the status ...

Hee, hee, hee.


  1. Write some kids name in your fresh concrete after his crew leaves and call him back immediately... I had the same thing with the Plumber, ok he wasn't a Navy Seal, but he worked out and was Buff!

  2. Ummm.. needing to see pics of said driveway and pleeeeaaaseee tell me you got some sly pics of Mr Hottie Navy Seal???!! And it would be nice to see some of the amigos asleep in your yard and on your slide!



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