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Happy Birthday Little Mister!!!

Birthday number 2 of the week!!! I love that we have two birthdays in one week ... but I am usually tired after all the fun!

Today is Little Mister's 8th birthday. He is so excited! I can remember being a child and waking up the morning of my birthday so excited I could hardly stand it! Now I wake up thinking ... can I really be thirty fill in the blank? How did I become thirty fill in the blank? Am I old enough to have three kids ... one of which is 12? Not as much fun as being 8 ... that is for sure!!!

We had planned a trip to Build a Bear with friends along with movies and dinner with more friends! He wakes up this morning and informs me that 8 year olds do not go to Build a Bear ... they go to Waffle House for breakfast. Um ... ok ... just let me call and cancel those plans with our friends and completely re do the plan for the morning! Thank goodness he picked the movie for this afternoon ... or he might decide 8 year olds don't do that either! Does he know I am not a big fan of the Waffle House?

Our present to him ... (among 7 other small things) ... a day at Disney World on Friday. We are packing up the kids and the car and heading out Thursday at noon. Four nights and three days in Orlando in the warm sun! Absolute perfection!!

Now that I am truly excited about!


  1. Happy Birthday to little Mister! And, have fun with all of the festivities!

  2. Have a great time in the sunshine!!! It's snowing again today in MI- seriously, it's April!!!!!!!

  3. Hope Little Mister has the best day ever!! Have fun in Disney!! What a great gift!

  4. Enjoy Disney! My family just got back and it was a blast as always!

  5. Happy Birthday to the Little Mister...and have fun at Disney. I'll hold down the E. Cobb Starbucks and Target for you while you're gone.



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