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It is April ... right?

Just checking ... it is April 7th ... right?

I am packing and doing laundry for Disney and it is snowing outside. I am so confused! Thank goodness we are skidding out of the driveway on Thursday for warmer weather! I am not enjoying the cashmere sweater and jean combination I am forced to wear to combat the 40 degree weather.

Spring Break is meant to be warm!!!



  1. I am down here in Florida. Not far from where the Mouse resides and it was cold here today too but, it looks like you should be warming up nicely for the weekend! Enjoy your visit to the happiest place on earth.

  2. We're headed to Disney this weekend too! Where are you guys staying????

  3. I totally agree! At least we don't have snow, just 40 mph winds! I already packed up our big coats!!!

  4. Have fun at Disney!!! We made our first trip in January, and even I can't wait to go back.

  5. I am super pissed about the Atlanta snow.

    WTF happened to my 75 degree weather?

  6. Ohhh...MPM - pack me up and take me with you! I promise to go on "It's a Small World" as many times as BabyCakes wants. Seriously. Still snowing here.
    Have a great trip!

  7. Have a great trip to Disney. Looking forward to hearing more about it. We are thinking of going in September for birthday #3.



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