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Stepping out of the boat

Last year was a trying one for me.  It was a very long year with lots of roller coasters ... a breakdown break thru of sorts and all in all a very traumatic and stressful year.  I have a very complicated family of origin and those hurts have spilled over into my adult life.  It was time to take action and fix what I could.  I have worked extremely hard but of course there is much to do. It wasn't until the last two months of the year that I felt completely different and in the best place I have ever been.  I have learned more about myself than I have in the previous 40 years.  I am very happy to be in the place I am. 

At the beginning of the this year I wished and prayed for a calm and peaceful year. No drama, no stress ... just an easy year.  I wanted be able to enjoy the ground I have achieved.  I have a lot more of my life to sift thru and heal from ... but I just wanted to be able to enjoy some of the ground I have achieved.  I wanted to look back at the end of the year and say ... "wow that was an easy year".

Or so I thought.

Yesterday at church the sermon was about defining our relationship with God.  Where are we?  What does that relationship look like? He pointed out that God does not want our lives to be stagnant and still but ever changing and full of growth.  If we are not challenged we will not grow.  Obstacles are placed in front of us for to master and change.  In Matthew 14 Jesus comes to his disciples walking on the water while they are riding in a boat.  Only one of the disciples, Peter, asks something of Jesus.  He asks Jesus to further strengthen their relationship and ask him to step out of the boat.  When Peter steps from his safe place he learns to keep his eyes on God and trust in him as he walks across the water to Jesus.  He asked for change and in doing so he grew both personally and spiritually.

As I look back to last year I realize how grateful I am for the heartache it was.  I would never have walked thru the fire to the other side if the fire hadn't been there.  I would not be in the place I am now without the trials and heartaches of the year.  And as I sit here typing I can say to you that I am thankful for 2010.  It made me a much better person.

Now I am not asking for another year of turmoil.  Please do not misunderstand me.  But I am saying that I do want more growth.  So whatever comes my way I will handle as an opportunity to grow and to further my relationship with God and myself. 

Here's hoping 2011 is an amazing year!


The rast!

As I mentioned I have been moving furniture around in our whole house!  Seriously ... the only room that has not had a re-do is the 1/2 bath on the main floor.  Every other room has had the furniture moved ... things added and deleted and in the case of Babycakes' room every single thing has changed!

She previously had twin beds with wood Jenny Lind headboards and two small dressers.  I can not find a photo of the previous look ... I am sorry to say.   I will update the post if I can find the photo.  I decided since we were giving up our official guest room to Papa we would need to rethink her room.  Of course this idea did not come to me early on in the changes ... no it was the 11th hour.  A lot had to be thought about quickly!

So we packed up the twin beds and moved the queen bed and a long dresser from the basement.  The photo quality is horrid (uploaded from my blackberry) ... but you get the idea.

So then every single thing had to be moved ... either around or out to goodwill.  This green dresser is a favorite of mine and it made the cut to stay.  Once again I took this with my blackberry ... and the photo quality is horrid!

I then quickly scoured Garnet Hill and Ebay for the rest of the Juice Stand linens by Lilly Pulitzer.  I love this pattern!  Its fun and happy.  I bought the shower curtain about a month ago for her bathroom and absolutely love it!  

I got lucky!  On Ebay I scored a queen duvet and three extra shower curtains to use for panels and shams!  I mixed the juice stand pattern with these ...  

and this ...

And it is beginning to take shape!  All I need now is to pull the rest of it together with pink walls and some accessories ... add some bed side tables and it should be done!  Enter the rast from ikea!
This dresser has been the talk of the design blog world all week!!! The finished products I have seen are simply amazing!  They run $30 each and are begging for love!   I am thinking it needs to be glossy white with amazing knobs!  I promise to update you on the room when its done and post proper photos and not blurry tacky specimens from my blackberry!

Check out the others' finished products here!

Do you love? 


Home once again!

After a quick trip to Orlando we are home and settled once again!  As we were pulling out on Saturday with a baby girl recovering from a fever and the rest of us completely exhausted after two long weeks I wondered why we were squeezing it all in.  It is true ... we all do too much!  What I craved more than anything was the same four days holed up in my house finishing up loose ends from the move and lazy days with my kids and their pjs.  I was not one bit excited about driving 7 hours to Florida. 

And then we left late and my anxiety grew.  We would arrive in the dark and my parents would be disappointed.   The kids would be grouchy and they were already on my last nerve.  Or maybe it was me on my last nerve and they were just the icing on the cake. 

And then we arrived ... and I saw my children with my 90 year old Nana.  They were thrilled to see her and she was overjoyed to have us there.  And every single ounce of anxiety and where will it all fit at home melted away.  My Nana does that to me.  She is the most adorable and loving woman I have ever known.  She is the reason I love to give to others.  My Nana is the heart of my family.  And I must admit its a complicated family.  She starts each day humming beautiful music and smiles all day long.  She is known for writing beautiful letters and stuffing folded money in your pocket when she hugs you.  It doesn't get any better.

So we spent three days talking, laughing, shopping, eating and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Sunday we spent the afternoon at Downtown Disney.  The kids had their faces painted and we lunched at the Rainforest Cafe.  Monday we made a trip to the outlets where I loaded up on Vineyard Vines, Tory Burch, Lacoste and JCrew.  Tuesday we spent the day at the Magic Kingdom.  We arrived at 9 and left at 8 pm just after the Electric parade.  It was a glorious day and she walked all of us into the ground.  Wednesday we packed up and made the trip home.  It was worth every single minute and it went way too fast!

I love, love, love my Nana.  I will be heartbroken when I can no longer pick up the phone and call her and hear her say "Hi Doll" when she realizes its me.  She tells me I am tall and beautiful at just the time I am feeling icky from head to toe.  She has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember.  I know she will not live forever but I can not bear the thought that one day she will be gone.  My goal is to teach my children all she taught me.  And in that she will live forever!!!



Heading out ...

I am dressed, showered and packed and ready to hit the road for four days in Florida.  That is if Lawyer would ever change out of his blue Ralph Lauren t and his Florida Gators boxers and hop in the shower! 

We are going to meet up with my parents (mom and step dad) and my grandmother who is celebrating her 90th birthday.  We have rented a house and plan to relax and enjoy the gorgeous spring weather in central Florida.  We are also planning a day at the Magic Kingdom which I am tickled to death to do.  I love Disney ... it is truly a home away from home to me.  When my parents divorced I was not yet two and my dad went to work for Disney ... 39 years later he still works there.  We no longer have a relationship ... but that is a whole month's worth of posts!  My grandparents have had annual passes since they offered them and my grandmother still goes every single Wednesday.  As a child I spent many days at Disney ... even if we just went for dinner and the fireworks.  I never visit the park without indulging in a frozen banana and a mickey head balloon.  I promise to post a photo of Babycakes and I with both!

I picked a seersucker button down and a black Gap body skirt for the trip.  Top it off with pearls and my Tretorns.   I have packed a book and tons of magazines.  All I am missing is a trenta shaken black tea no sugar and some snacks and I am ready for the 7 hour ride!  Oh ... and a showered hubs!

We are ready to rest and relax!  See you on Thursday!



Friday thoughts ... what a week!

Just beware ... this post will most likely ramble ... I am still super tired from the last two weeks of moving and getting ready for our sweet Papa!

First of all some thank yous!!!

To my long standing relationship with Sweet Tea ... I know I gave you up a month ago and I had even stopped missing you and your amazing flavor.  But when I was in need of energy and a pick me up these past two weeks you stepped right in and did not disappoint.  And you didn't even complain that I had replaced you with a trenta shaken black tea no sugar from Lucky Buck.

To the BFF ... thank goodness you live in LA and do not mind long phone calls late into my day while I am attempting to stay up late and move just a few more things.  And thank you for keeping my mind of my chaos by filling me in on your upcoming move from LA.  We must plan one more jaunt in the fabulous city before you depart this summer!

To my in town friends ... you are my life line!  I would not survive the chaos without you!!!  xoxo to each of you!!!!  YaYa ... your pink lips and your daily twilly always make me happy!!! 

To my husband ... I know I tell you all the time that you are difficult (and you are) but I truly do love you and your support these last two weeks.  Thank you for steering clear of me when I was a raging lunatic and for handing me the tissue box when you saw me break down into tears over exhaustion and stress.  You are truly excited about having your Dad in our house and I know the work and the stress was worth it!  I do adore you!!!

To my new friend at Good Will ... I know you have loved our conversations as we have unloaded the Yukon these past two weeks but I must break up with you.  I can't come to see you anymore (atleast for a while) ... I have bascially nothing left to toss out.  Though I am sure when I recuperate from these past two weeks I will venture into the mess of the unfinished area of the basement and find some treasures for you!  Til next time ...

And to the suitcases waiting to be filled for our trip next week ... could you please stop stalking me?  I see you stacked up and taunting me.  I know you are begging for clothes and the like but I am getting to you.  Be patient ... I can not put you off much longer!!!

And to you loves ... thank you for your emails and your kind comments.  This has been quite a rollercoaster of a couple of weeks.  Your kind words and encouragement has been a huge lift to me!!!  I am as always grateful for the journal my blog is to me and for the outpouring of love I always receive in response! 



It's moving day!!!

I am taking a few minutes to myself this morning. The movers are at Papa's loading up and should arrive here about 11 am.  The kids are off to school ... I am dressed for the day and I am enjoying some time with my coffee and my new blog finds. 

I love design!!!  I love every single thing about it.  Colors, lines, all different kinds of furniture mixed together.  I simply eat it up!!!  Every morning I steal away some time to read my favorite designer blogs.  I have found some great ones.  They inspire me ... and they challenge me to think outside the box.  If you are a fan of Sex and the City you have probably seen the episode about secret single behavior.  This is mine.  If I am alone and needing a pick me up or a few minutes to decompress you will find me doing one of two things.  I will either be on the sofa with a design magazine and a latte or at Lawyer's desk with a cup of fresh brewed coffee trolling my blog list.  I simply love it!!!

Check out these finds ...

Little Green Notebook
Absolutely Beautiful Things
Fric and Frac
Zesty Nest
Mrs. Lilien

And you must add this online magazine to your blog roll!  It is amazing!!! 

Lonny Magazine

Have a great one!


Happy Valentines Day loves!!!

(courtesy of Martha Stewart ... I do not bake!)

Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!!

I love this day ... so much love to go around!

Hope yours is lovely!


ooh ... the changes ahead!

I have been hinting around at the changes in our house and now its time for the reveal.  Lawyer's mother passed away in April of last year leaving his dad alone in their condo.  After much conversation with Lawyer and the kids we have decided to ask him to move in with us. 

I know ... take a deep breath and let that sink in.  I have had to do a lot of that lately.  Although I adore his father and find him an amazing example of a dear Christian man, the thought of adding another body to our house of seven (five people and two crazy dogs) overwhelms me.  I honestly feel like someone showed up at the door and told me I am pregnant.  I am thrilled to have this time with his dad.  But I get stressed by all the details.

His condo will close in about 10 days ... three weeks (or close to) from the day he finalized the contract.  That is not enough time to get ready for anything I can promise you.  After returning from New York I hit the ground running clearing out our basement full of furniture to prepare for his arrival.  I have literally made alterations to every single room in our house to fit in the extra furniture.  I have been to Good Will and to the women's ministry so many times in the past week they know me by my name.  And I am almost done.  Today I have to prepare Lawyer's office to receive two bookcases and tomorrow I need to rearrange Babycakes' room to have a queen bed and a desk instead of two twin beds.  With every adjustment it adds a bunch of moving around and donating.  It is like buying a new lamp.  If you buy one lamp all the others in the house get moved around.  Its a lot ... but I am sooo close to the finish line.  Or at least I think I am.

Tomorrow at 8:30 am the movers come to help me move furniture inside the house and to move our dining room set to my sister in laws house.  Tuesday the carpet people arrive to install carpet.  Wednesday around noon Papa's moving truck arrives and he will officially live with us.

Wow ... I am only going to process today. 

oh ... and to add chaos to my already busy couple of weeks ... more news!  There is a very good chance Lawyer won't be home every day all day any more.  He could be working out of town five days a week.  OMG!

I will think about that tomorrow!


Thou shall not steal ...

I have sat silently (at least on the blog) by and watched as others have stolen my (and others) creative ideas and sold them as their own.  Every time I see it or someone emails me I lose it.  It is wrong to steal the creative ideas of others and it hurts.  It is wrong when a stranger does it ... but when a "friend" does it its called betrayal.  I can no longer quiet my voice. 

When you own a business, especially a monogram one, there are products that you will make and sell that are standard.  The baby blanket, the fleece throw, the hat, the cosmetic bag ... I could go own but you know where I am going ... the stuff everyone carries.  You carry it because customers ask for it and it sells ... but there is little or no creative side to these products.  And then there are the products that are unique to you.  The cornerstone of your business.  Maybe even the two products that launched your business. 

To find a unique product in this business is hard.  It takes creativity, time, research and then money to launch something new.  It is very rewarding to "develop" a great product and then have it sell like hotcakes.  It is exciting and you become the source for this great new thing.  People flock to you ... you are referred to others.  You are successful. 

And then someone you know takes your idea.  Every single aspect of it and calls it their own.  Wraps it the same and displays it identically?  Seriously?  How is that possible?  Why would anyone peruse websites and blogs looking for ideas?  Do you not have any of your own?  How lame ... how sad and most of all ... how mean!

You take a risk exposing your business to the Internet.  It means all the great new ideas you create are subject to the masses ... but for the most part people in the business stick to themselves.  I know it never occurred to me to sit up all night looking to see what I could steal from others.  I am friends with a lot of the blogs I read and I respect their designs as their own.  Monogram Chick has a great site!  Pineapple Grove Gifts is a genius!  Ashley Brooke Designs is amazing!  I read their blogs but I must say I could not tell you every product they sell because it doesn't concern me.  They have their businesses and I have mine.  I do not steal ideas from anyone.  Not strangers, not acquaintances and definitely not a friend.

The worst part about it?  Nothing can be done.  My products are being sold by another at different prices.  Some are more and some are less.  They are my products and my designs.  You can call them your own and I will call you a thief.

It's that simple!


No worries ...

I love my sweet town Maggi!!! 

We are leaving the house or the area ... but we are scheduling a move ...

Wanna guess?


New York was simply amazing!!!

We ate yummy food, we shopped for hours and truly every day all day and we danced in the aisles at Mamma Mia!  It was an amazing trip!!!

Lawyer's BFF rented an amazing apartment with incredible views.  She loves the new space and it is quickly being filled with all of the amazing things we picked up.  ABC Carpet and Home now knows me by my first name and my cell and I am still getting texts as we continue to chose furniture and accessories for the 2000 feet she needs to furnish.  They were so helpful and amazing to us and I will be giggling for a while over that fun day! 

In two quick days we purchased three beds each with linens, pillows and all.  We bought lamps, five oriental rugs, two couches, two large chairs, two desks, a dining table, consoles, leather bookcases, tvs, wine frig and wine to fill, appliances and I am pretty sure all of Bed, Bath & Beyond at 61st and 1st.  Thank goodness for our driver who made many a trip back to unload.  I miss you already Maximo!!!  What a sweet, gentle man!

Beth treated her assistant and I to Mamma Mia at the Winter Garden Theatre.  We had such a great time!  The music was amazing and the lead and her mom were so well cast.  I was hoping we would have time to see the play she is producing but we ended up having to scurry out to Westchester to catch the only plane leaving the area ahead of the impending snow storm.  Driving Miss Daisy will have to wait for the next trip.

We had a great week together.  She needed it and so did I.  As I have mentioned before she has been through the ringer lately and the new apartment is only the first step in a whole new life.  This is an amazing woman with her whole future waiting to be filled with nothing less than joy!  She deserves it!!!

I am now home and prepping for the changes coming to our life.  I am making lists and planning out the next two weeks.  So much to be done and so much to share with you.  Soon, pinky swear!


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