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I have the greatest friends!  Simply put ... they are the best!  This afternoon I toured a design house with a dear friend of mine. She is my surrogate mother.  She has three kids of her own and I fit right in between the ages of her two girls.  We met 12 years ago when I hired her to strip the wallpaper in my dining room at our first house.  She was there for three days and we have been inseparable ever since. 

She travels quite a bit but when she is in town we see each other as much as possible.  Yesterday when the kids and I stopped in on an errand she invited me to tour a Old Marietta house that was closing today.  She picked me up at noon, we toured the house and then ate lunch at Chipolte.  We sat down to eat and she informed me that her burrito bowl was so good she would be eating it in silence to enjoy every bite.  And that she did ... I talked and she ate.  When she was done she gave me all her thoughts on everything I had said. 

I love our relationship ... she is the mother everyone would love to have.  She is up for anything, always complimentary and full of laughter.  Sometimes we laugh so hard I come home with aching stomach muscles.  When she does have something she needs to say it always starts with ... "Now Hon ..."

MA and I have been thru a lot together.  I have been there through her trying times and she talks me thru the troubling times I have with my mom.  And then there are the 911 calls.  For me its help with the kids ... for her its always a last minute gift she needs or an item she can't find at the market.  She rushed off to the hospital with me when Babycakes bit thru her tongue at 12 months and Lawyer found her in her crib covered in blood.  She drove right over ... hoped into the car and did not even mention her phobia of hospitals until we were on our way home.   When I asked her why she never spoke up she simply looked at me and said ... "Hon ... it was an emergency and not the time to tell you."  I love her to pieces. 

When she dropped me off at 3:00 I felt full of love and joy.  The way I do after spending time with all my dear friends.  They fill me up and leave me better than I was when they arrived.

I could not be more blessed!

Hope you are having a great Sunday!

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