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I just dropped off my teenager to head to Washington, DC for the 8th grade trip.  He flies to DC this morning and returns late Wednesday.  On Friday he graduates from 8th grade and in August he starts high school.  Where ... oh where does the time go?  What happened to my little blond boy who would crawl into my bed at 7 am and whisper "Hey Mama"?  He is now 14, 5'7" and wearing a size 11 shoe. 

I know everyone thinks their child is the most wonderful child in the world and I know I am no different.  However ... I am positive that I have one of the easiest teenagers ever made. However ... I am positive that I have one of the easiest teenagers ever made.  He's a rule follower.  He might argue to the last moment about why the rule exists but he will not break it.  He will leave a situation he doesn't feel comfortable in and he will call me before doing something he isn't sure he should do.  He is the kindest, sweetest boy I know.  He is responsible, upstanding and for the most part always respectable.  He has his moments and is definitely experiencing the teenager attitude, but other than that I have absolutely no complaints about him. 

He has taken the news of our move with a great attitude.  He is excited about a new school and a new adventure.  He did tell me he will always be a sweet tea drinking Georgia boy and his heart will remain in the south.  No worries babe ... so will mine.  He has been very supportive to me during this time when Lawyer is absent.  He is truly a first born!

I am thrilled for him to take this trip.  He will have a great time.  In four days they are squeezing in a lot. 

Lunch at Union Station
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Dinner at the Reagan Center
Jefferson Memorial
FDR Memorial
Lafayette Square
Department of the Treasury (exterior visit)
White House (exterior visit)
Supreme Court (exterior visit)
Library of Congress
US Capitol
Lunch at the Old Post Office
National Archives
Smithsonian Museum of their choice
Lincoln, Korean, Vietnam and WWII Memorials
Arlington National Cemetery
JFK Memorial
Arlington House
Mount Vernon
tour of Old Town Alexandria

I am quite envious of all he will see and do ... but I am so excited for him.  He was up before 6 am.  He was showered and dressed before I went in to wake him and was off with a group of friends at 7.  I did steal a hug and a kiss before we left the house.  And as car pulled away from our meeting place and I was back on the road home my Blackberry buzzed with "I love you Mom".

He is one great kid!

Have a great trip babe!



  1. Your son sounds so sweet!! You are one lucky mama!

  2. make sure he has my cell phone if he needs anything and if he sees a little girl with a tennis racquet running through the streets of old town it is probably Mini K!

  3. Oh what a sweet post about your precious teenager. Gave me cold chills and teary eyes. Love. xoxo



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