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Ta Ta party ...

I spent last night at a girls night out for my sweet friend with breast cancer.  She has a double mastectomy scheduled for next week and one of her closest friends organized a "little" get together.  Which turned out to be not little at all.  It seems that when you send out an email letting people know you are celebrating her removal of cancer ... they will come. 

I arrived about 20 minutes late.  When Hair Girl and I pulled up there was a line of cars outside the house that reveled a black Friday parking lot.  There were women everywhere.  Every one brought a dish for her freezer so that she would be able to have quick and easy meals prepared for her.  Along with my flank steak, sweet potato fries and veggies I took 100 paper plates and matching napkins.  Who wants to do dishes when you are recovering from major surgery?

I returned home about 11:15 last night.  I was overwhelmed by the amount of love I had just experienced.  These women just kept showing up with food and more food and cards and hugs.  If you sent out an email ... they will come!

Not that I am the least bit surprised ... this is one amazing woman.  She has beaten cancer (completely different kind and unrelated) before when they gave her a very slim chance.  She will beat it again!

And she will do it with grace, dignity and laughter.  I am proud to walk this path with her!!!

I love you Lee!!



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