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Last night I watched the entire James Frey interview on Oprah.  I was completely sucked in from the moment the interview started.  Thank goodness I chose to watch in via DVR after the kids went to bed.  I would have ignored the heck out of their requests and needs if I watched it in real time! 

I remember when Oprah chose the book as her book club selection.  I did not watch the show when she comfronted him but I do remember the controversy.  I have never read the book but now I am completely intriqued.  Knowing the whole story I would be able to read it as it was meant ... fiction.

I was impressed by his sincerity and calmness during the interview.  I found myself liking him quite a bit.  I was also impressed at how they could discuss their issues as calm adults.  There are plenty of people who could benefit from that display.  I have seen and experienced many adults discussing their differences and lacking both dignity and grace.

Something he said near the end of the interview rang so true for me.  He revisited her question of  ... if you could change anything about this process what would it be?  He said ...

"I know I made bad mistakes.  I know I was wrong.  But that's what you've gotta do sometimes to learn how to be right."

Amen.  I would wholeheartedly agree!

Praise God I live in a place and with people who show me enough grace to learn how to do it right and live with peace!

Great interview and a great man!


1 comment:

  1. I agree with you- I very much enjoyed the interview. I read the book, and whether or not it was a true story, it was still a really good book. Glad Oprah did the interview, and like she said it was a full circle moment!



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