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What I learned from blog reading yesterday ...

I have mentioned plenty of times before that I have a ritual in the morning.  The kids leave the house at 7:30 am and I brew myself a hot cup of coffee and head up to my bed to snuggle with my computer and fulfill my am ritual.  I log onto the computer and first read and then and then hit my blog roll.  I do not feel ready to face the day until I am done.  Silly I know .... but its my ritual.  

Yesterday I was reading and came to the Jones Design Company.  One of the many design blogs I love to read.  It was her birthday and she was posting about baking herself a carrot cake.  Funny enough my mother would make me a carrot cake each year for my birthday.  She made it because it was my favorite.  The "funny" part is that I do not like carrot cake ... never did.  It was my dad's favorite ... not mine.  My favorite cake is chocolate with white icing.  It's quite the joke at my house.  

Anyway ... as I was reading I learned a little bit of wisdom.  

She writes ... Today is my birthday. And according to Wikipedia, it is the birthday of 698,999 other Americans too. October 5th {the most common birthdate} happens to fall 40 weeks after New Years Eve, so I guess it makes sense that all that lovin’ on New Years turns into babes 10 months later. 

I immediately thought of Baby Girl.  Her original due date was October 5th and my ob took her two weeks early via c-section.  If she had been born on her due date she too would have the most common birthday.  Fun little tidbit of knowledge!

So I guess she was a New Year's Eve baby ... too bad I have no idea what we did that year.  I am sure it was the usual ... watch a movie and order Chinese take out.  

Kind of funny ...


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