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Happy Wednesday!

My life has changed so much in the last seven months.  As we were preparing to move I shut down my business.  I could not continue to work and move and get the kids settled ... blah, blah, blah.  Now that our move has been postponed (and hangs in the back of my mind weekly) I still have not gone back to work.  It has been a huge blessing that I did not see coming.  

Now that Lawyer is traveling more than we planned I need to be on my toes.  Not working gives me the flexibility to be pulled in any direction.  I have never been more relaxed even though its been stressful at home lately.  Our middle child is struggling at school and I am working daily to get him and give him what he needs.  I will say yesterday I needed a time out and I was able to schedule a last minute wine date with a friend.  I love that!  If I was still working I would have pushed thru the night and then worked and crashed into bed.  Not a good plan ... instead I was able to take care of me.  I came home a few hours later relaxed, refocused and much sweeter than when I left.  Happy mommy is good!  Pinky swear ...

It's Wednesday and I find myself enjoying coffee, some computer time and a DVR'd Rachel Zoe.  Life is good!!  

On the to do list for today is some laundry, errands for a big week next week and some more down time before the bus arrives at 3 and we start the homework craziness again!  My sweet baby is getting hit hard with the homework from 4th grade and its wearing on both of us!

I am also hoping to squeeze in a smidge of girl time this am ... we shall see!

Have a great day!

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