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Obsession of the moment!

I have always loved resale stores ... especially vintage ones.  I have sold to resale stores in the past but had never really shopped in them for myself.  Until recently when I discovered a number of resale stores in my area that sell high end couture.  I know ... be still my heart!  I have visited almost all in the area with only a few left to discover!  I am in love!!!

It started with birthday party shopping for the mini me!  She was having a dress up party so I hit up two Good Wills in Buckhead and Sandy Springs to locate heels, dresses and accessories.  Now I know Good Will is very far from high end couture ... but I got lucky twice!  Check it out ...

A Louis Vuitton messenger bag and a Thomas Pink men's woven.

The messenger bag was $22 (missing the strap) and the Thomas Pink was $5.  I took the Louis to the store at Lenox to have it checked out and to order a new strap and its legit!  Holy crud ... who takes Louis to Good Will?

The Thomas Pink is too large to wear out but I looove it as a night shirt!  So comfy so amazing tailored!  Love it!  I may or may not have worn it to a friends for coffee last week.  Let's go with may!

Not to mention I saw Manolos .. Jimmy Choos and Louboutins ... for ridiculous prices.  Too bad they were not in my size!  They were all in great condition!!

That plus a conversation with a friend about a store she loves sparked a whole new passion for me!  Here are my finds so far ...

I snagged these brand new clogs yesterday and left a Calypso shawl behind.  I was a little worried about the eggplant/purple tones but I haven't stopped thinking about it!  I will be snatching that up tomorrow!  Let's hope it is still there!!!

Never been worn Ferragamos ... so comfy and such great shoes!!!  $79!  

Yes its Hermes and yes it is in perfect condition!  I love it!!!  $180!

Great boots and only $99 ... Preppy Paper Girl insisted I grab them up ... Love them!

I left behind a gorgeous pair of Chanel heels in navy blue and some great Burberry espadrilles.  I have told myself a hundred times the heels were too high but I still dream about them!

Yes its an obsession and yes I am hooked!

What can I say?



  1. Oh my gosh! I may have to come to Atlanta :-). How FUN!! XOXO

  2. I need to know where you found these stores!! Wow! The resale shops near me are s.a.d.

  3. Oh my word!!! I am an atlantan college student.... teach me your ways!!!! I need to know the locations of these goodwills! I am SO jealous about that LV bag you found! I have been saving up for my first one! That find would've been a dream come true. Love your blog!



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