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My kids!

The light of my lives ... I thought I would give you some information on each!!!


The mini me.  The fire in the house.  The life of the party.  Our 7 year old goes by so many names.  Her Daddy calls her "puddin'" ... her middle brother and best friend in the world calls her "my baby" and I have too many names to count.  She is an amazing child with an incredible level of self confidence.  She will try anything and has almost no fear.  She loves to swim and play soccer and is great at  both.  There are so many things I admire about our baby girl.  She is a great student and loves to read.  She is a great friend.   She is incredibly protective of her older brother and probably will end up in the office one day having beat some poor kid up for teasing someone.  Every single day I tell her she is smart, funny and the prettiest girl at the party.  She always giggles and responds ... "But we aren't at a party".  And every night before she goes to bed I tell her I love her more than peanut butter and she tells me she loves me more than jelly.  

I love you baby girl!!!


Our ten year is one very special kid.  He is the funniest person I know.  He loves to play four square and ride his scooter.  He is great on his roller blades and loves to ice skate.  He also loves to snuggle up on the sofa and watch movies.  Although he struggles in reading and math, he is the best writer I have ever met.  He has a photographic memory and is quite the informant.  If you want to know something ... I promise he can tell you or find it.  He can write a personal narrative that is worthy of publishing.  And he can type it for you.  When he was 7 he wrote a love letter that still makes me swoon.  He is girl crazy and told me yesterday that God gave him the ability to whistle so he could whistle at all the pretty girls. 

This sweet boy has a heart of gold.  He would do anything to help another and never leaves my side when I am sick.  His favorite food is pretzels or popcorn.  When he grows up he wants to be a geologist and I will do all I can to make sure he has ever chance to be all he can be!

You inspire me Boo!!


Our soon to be 15 year old is the best teenager I have ever met.  He is the classic first born ... very responsible and anal to the bone.  His room might be a mess but his homework is done perfectly and turned in early.  He is a great judge of character and has an amazing group of friends.  He has a very dry sense of humor and will be the first to tell you he is funny.  In his first year of high school he has blossomed.  It is his favorite grade by far.  He has an interest in community service and loves to help the elderly.   He loves to travel but also is just as happy at home hanging with his buds.  He likes to hunt and goes out each year with my dad starting in late November.  Currently he is almost two inches taller than me and is no where near done.  He will be an amazing father and husband one day ... and I will continue to be one proud mama!

I love you babe!

I hope you enjoyed the post ... I love to talk about my three favorite accessories!!

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