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T-day prep ...

I have been spending all of my down time (read quiet time at the hospital with Papa post-surgery) planning our Thanksgiving festivities.  We are hosting not one but two days of yumminess.  I have both menus planned, delegated food to guests and am now working on table prep and outfit prep.  My plan is to have our Christmas card photo taken during the festivities so I do want all of us looking our best!!!

After catching up on blog reading this am I popped over to JCrew to check out their new arrivals.  And instantly fell in love with these ...

Aren't they fabulous?  I am madly in love!  They are perfect!!!

I can pair them with a white woven for Thursday's plans and then wear them again on Saturday with a blue woven and my orange jacket not that different from the one pictured above.  I can even add a scarf on Thursday from one of Alice's scarf tricks this week. 

Now to just find the perfect loafer ...

And to finish my table setting plans and we will be good to go!!!

I love the holidays.

Can you tell?


1 comment:

  1. Love those pants! orange and navy is one of my favorite color combos. Hope you have a lovely time celebrating Thanksgiving! You're sure to get a great family photo!



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