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Wow ... Happy Birthday to me!

I woke up this morning another year older.  Don't really feel any different and look exactly the same as yesterday.  Hmmm ... still thinking about those numbers ... I would not want to be any younger than I am if no other reason than the fact that I do not want to revisit any of the younger lessons.  Be there, done that!!!

I am off to spend the day any way I want with one amazing friend!!!  Does it get any better???  I had a fun lunch yesterday filled with girlfriends and gifts and wine and happy giggles!  I loved every second and was sad when it ended.  I am one lucky girl!!!

Since calories don't count today I will be indulging in cupcakes, champagne and carbs.

Gotta rock it one day a year ... right???

Happy day to you!



  1. Happy Birthday!
    I am a fairly new follower, and I am so enjoying your perspective on live. I adore one of your besties (Papergirl), she and I have become friends over the last couple of years and she is a treasure for sure.
    My birthday is on I am taking a few days off to enjoy!
    I hope this year is your best yet!



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