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A gloomy day reveal!

It's gray outside and quite gloomy so my photos are a little shaded but here you go!!!

I started painting at 11:30 am after gathering supplies including 1 Snickers bar and a 32 oz diet Mountain Dew from the QT!!  I was ready to go ... 

Secretary in the corner ... from my grandmother and chock full of antique books and Hummels she has gifted to us.  We get one for every special occasion ... I can tell you when she gave me each and every one of them.

These prints need new frames, possibly aged gold ones and maybe new mats if they can re mat them without harming the prints.  They hung over the couch in Lawyer's house growing up and I love them dearly.  The colors are fabulous and each one depicts a different season. 

I originally wanted green curtains, that is, until I spotted these at the Ballards outlet.  I love them!!!

This corner needs help.  A round table instead of this one and some monogrammed pillows for those chairs. I will be searching for both at Scott's tomorrow!!

The view you see when you walk in the door.  (I told you it was dark today!!)  That print will be accented with plates and sconces as soon as I gather up some plate hangers today.  The plates are ready to go and sitting on the barrister bookcase on the right.  

LOVE the color.  Hand picked by the bestie and she was dead on ... but always is!  Do you see my tool box on the floor in this photo ... I was soooo pooped after hanging curtains and fluffing that I barely had enough time to eat a slice of pizza left from Papa Johns pizza night (school monthly fundraiser) and grab a shower before settling in to watch The Voice finale!

Still needs some fluffing but all in all I am so pleased with the room!!  I love the blue of this room and the lime of the dining room.  Now I just need to combine the two in the den.  Yeah ... more work to do!

I posted my progress on Facebook yesterday and Lawyer, who is currently spending 15 days in LA saw the post and commented ...

His comment?


Have I mentioned he hates change?


ps ... WPM is still home sick!  Boo!!!

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