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Hump Day Eats & Drinks ...

Nothing inspires me more on Hump Day than thinking of the weekend!  We are headed out of town for Spring break ... so once Friday evening hits it will be all weekend all day for moi for 9 straight days.  And to top off the great news ... the traveling hubs will be in tow, off the clock and ready to relax!!  Pop the champs and cue the band!!  XXOO!!

This week's Eats and Drinks ideas come straight from my favorite new cookbook ... 
The Preppy Cookbook by Christine E. Nunn ...

I must confess I am not a huge fan of cooking.  Well, that doesn't actually define it.  I like to cook and I love to entertain ... but creating a family meal with the hustle and bustle of three active kids stresses me out to no end.  I make it happen most nights and I fake it the rest.  My husband on the other hand uses meal prep to relax.  And to top it off  he is an amazing cook.  So ... if the shoe fits ... let him wear it and make all the meals!  Right?

I am absolutely in love with this cookbook.  I was smitten at the sight of the plaid cover and then I opened it and the amazing pictures and great stories won me over completely! In an interview with the New York Daily News Nunn says the book is aimed at "anyone looking for simple recipes that are tried and true, and people who like a good laugh and like a good cocktail".  Yep.  Absolutely perfect for me.  

There are so many fantastic ideas packed into the 125 recipes she included.  I have hand picked a few of my faves to share with you.

First of all, a "good cocktail" ...

Both the hubs and I love bourbon.  He likes his over ice and I prefer an Old-Fashioned.  This recipe is absolutely perfect in my book!  

Champagne?  Yes!  This champagne punch is the bomb!!  I served it at Christmas, minus the ice ring which stressed me out, and it was divine!!  And I love that she insists you serve it in a punch bowl because "what other time would you use a punch bowl".  

I am a sucker for cheese and crackers and a cheese tray is a winner for me on pretty much any day!  

I used this picture as my inspiration for the cheese tray I served with the Champagne punch at Christmas on that fabulous too big for words thrifted brass tray.  One word ... Perfection!

My entire family, sans moi, loves flank steak.  Its a go to meal for us.  The reviews my peeps give this recipe makes it a dog eared page for me!

Who doesn't love a picnic?  I know I sure enjoy eating alfresco with my favorite people!  Nunn shares some sample picnic basket fillers ...

Cheese and crackers
Wheat thins
Green grapes
Marinated olives (recipe in book)
Cheese twists (recipe in book)
Turkey and Havarti sandwiches with cranberry mayo (recipe in book)
Lobster salad (recipe in book)
Bottle of white wine
Thermos filled with G and Ts
Real beer 
Plenty of ice!

Sounds like heaven to me!!  

I am not sure who Eileen is, but her Crabbies are To. Die. For.  Make these and serve with wine.  Invite your besties over.  Order take out for your kids if they turn up their noses.  You can thank me later!!

Now that you are all starving and wishing for your own copy of The Preppy Cookbook I will share with you that I have one to GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

Good luck!!!

Thanks for entering ... and CONGRATS to Carolyn!!!!



  1. I am loving this cook book!! My daughter is getting married and I would love to give this to her with her shower gifts!!

  2. Paige!!!! What a darling giveaway! So excited!!!! Thanks for the chance to win! Tenniskat xo

  3. Love this post, Paige! I too, love bourbon!

  4. I love the name of the book and would be a welcomed addition to my cookbook library. :)

  5. Would love to win this! Can't think of anything better than some prep-inspired nosh and cocktails.

  6. Would love, love, love to win this cookbook.

  7. Such a lovely giveaway! This cookbook looks fantastic, I hope I win!!

    The Glam Pad

  8. Oops, forgot to leave my email address.... :)

    The Glam Pad

  9. I would totally love this Cookbook!! I cook daily and I am always looking for NEW ideas!!

  10. Thanks so much for the fabulous giveaway!!!

  11. This looks like a great cookbook...I would love it!



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