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Interview with the Lacquer king ... Lance Jackson


This week I had the huge treat to sit down with the Creative Director of Parker Kennedy Living, Lance Jackson.  This small but powerful design firm is blowing all of our minds with their new huge amount of success in three short years of business.  Newly published in the April issue of Southern Living and as the source for lacquer in Atlanta all while prepping for a major showing at the Atlanta Symphony Show house in late April, this amazing duo is the talk of the town here in the south.  I have the pleasure of not only know both Lance and David professionally but also as dear friends.   That talent you see in pictures and on paper is nothing short of addictive ... and they inspire me daily in my own life. 

They have just launched the blog section of their amazing website ... and I IMMEDIATELY added it to my blog roll.  His Instagram, Pinterest and now blog are not to be missed!!

(via my Iphone)

Lance and I sat with a glass of wine in my den and chatted about his passion for color, his love of thrifting and where he finds his inspiration ... 


Ok ... Let's talk color.  You are known for your love of color and your powerful use of it.  What's your favorite place to add color in a room?

Lacquered furniture, the ceiling, artwork and pillows

If you were going to make one major change, and only one, in a room what would it be?

Drapes, bad drapes and the whole room goes down hill.  Next would have to be wall color and then the chandelier.  These are the three most visual items in the room.

What do you feel like people forget when designing their own spaces?

Scale, dimensions, size of furniture.  Most people buy sofas that are way too big for their space.  In doing this it creates a huge eyesore in the room.  

What is your favorite piece of furniture?

A bar cart ... They have so many uses.  You can use it in the foyer, as a bedside table or even a coffee bar in the master. 

(via Lance's iphone) 

(via Southern Living April 2014)

Parker Kennedy Living was just featured in the April issue of Southern Living in an article about lacquering furniture.  Why lacquer vs. flat paint?

It's fresh, it's young.  The texture is so much better.  It is perfect for so many pieces ... both traditional and modern.  In my opinion it will never go out of style.

(via my Iphone)

What piece or pieces do you think make the most impact with a lacquer finish?

Any chest with detail like faux bamboo, any campaign piece because the brass accents the lacquer and cocktail tables.  Look how good yours turned out.  

If you were to advise someone to lacquer a room in their house .. which room would it be?

The dining room or the foyer.  I mean really any room but those would be my top two. 

Let's talk about thrifting ... You love to thrift.  What is the last great piece you found?

A campaign desk I found today that I will be using in my bedroom.  I will strip it, lacquer it and add a mirror top.  

What is the biggest regret of an item you left behind?

These vintage barrel back chairs on a Moroccan base I found at Scott's.  They had orange vinyl seats with brass accents.  And they were probably less than $200.  I still think of them all the time.  I loved the orange. It reminded me of Tory Burch.  That and the brass accents.  I fell in love with brass all over again because of her.  Basically just like you did because of me.  

What are three things people should know when thrifting?

1.  When they first go in a store they should do a quick run thru with a buggy and grab whatever they see they want.  A good thrift store is shopped by designers and you don't want to lose something you love.   

2.  Then go back and slowly go aisle to aisle and inspect each shelf more carefully.  

3.  Look at the quality of the items.  You want to chose timeless pieces.  

What are your favorite things to hunt for while thrifting?

Faux bamboo anything, anything campaign, brass, design books and Chinoiserie 

You thrift in various cities in the United States.  Where is your favorite place to thrift?

Miami.  There is a great mix of vintage bamboo and mid century modern.  Lucite, brass and chrome.  I bought the best piece of lucite we have had in Miami.  

What's your favorite thing in your house?

There are several ... My art collection, my design book collection both new and vintage and a bronze classical man statue I bought at the Savannah Junior League sale for $10.  It is worth like $2800 and I bought it when I was a student at SCAD and I didn't have $10 to spare.  

You are about to take on a major renovation at your own house.  What is the thing you are most excited to do?

The foyer staircase.  I LOVE a staircase.  It's the diamond ring on your hand.  I love a classic curved with regency styled railing.  

What is your favorite thing about your house?

My vintage living room sofa that I am moving into the master bedroom for the One Room Challenge. 

Let's talk inspiration ... Where do you find your most powerful inspiration?  Besides me of course (I say giggling) ...

Well, actually you do.  You brought me back to traditional.  When we met I was more mid century with Lucite and chrome and now I am back with more traditional.  Brass, chintz, Chinoiserie, cabbage plates, Staffordshire, scones.  And I am currently having a love affair with blue and white.  

I am inspired by many things.  My friends and their style, social media, Palm Beach, the old money look, Lilly Pulitzer, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, the Hamptons, luxury destinations.  I feel like I should be a luxury resort designer.  I am drawn in by a 1975 Mercedes station wagon with a classic family heading to their summer home.  

My original icons were David Hicks and Billy Baldwin.  Most definitely David Hicks.  He was iconic.  He created his own monograms.  Designed airplane logos and ashtrays.  He loved geometric patterns and designed furniture and wallpaper.  I would give anything to have an original roll of David Hicks wallpaper.  He was the first designer I wrote a paper on at West Georgia before I transfered to SCAD.  I had to create slides for a slid projector presentation.  That was crazy.  I checked out all these amazing books from the library to take pictures for my slides. 

OMG ... I should have kept those books.

And then we chatted forever about school and SCAD and where how much his life has changed.  It is so fun to watch two incredibly talented people on their way up.  Remember their names and Parker Kennedy Living.  Its about to explode!



  1. Great interview! Lance is right up my alley, my taste are so similar to his. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Love them! Would love to learn more about the "how to's" of lacquering.

  3. What a fabulous interview Paige. Loved getting to know more about Lance!!



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