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Spring Break ...

Spring Break officially starts today at 4:20 pm when our middle schooler walks out of the building.  I could NOT be more excited about some quality down time with my peeps!  I am planning NINE days of unplugged wonderful long lazy days!  And with the schedule we have kept the last few months ... it can not arrive fast enough for moi.

We are headed out of town to the lovely, laid back Tybee Island.   Located just off the coast of Savannah, Georgia this three mile by one mile island is known for its laid back, relaxed atmosphere.  When the travel agency called to confirm our reservation she was insistent that I knew how relaxed and low key the island was.  Sugar ... you had me at Island.  

The hubs and I spent three nights in Savannah on our honeymoon and returned six months later to celebrate his birthday.  We absolutely love the town and its amazing history and shopping.  We haven't returned to Savannah but for a quick dinner returning from Hilton Head since 1996.  I have a list of things I am dying to see and do and can not wait to hit the city limit sign!

I was blessed to have lunch with Amanda earlier this week who gave me the low down on the must sees and must dos for the Island.  I only hope we can pack it all in during our seven day stay!  My parents are joining us so they will be doing a lot of the local attractions with the kids whilst I am lazily hanging in a beach chair surrounded by books, mags and nothing to do but relax!

I am most looking forward to the dinner recommendations.  As someone who loves to eat out and especially al fresco ... I am thoroughly looking forward to relaxing every evening with a glass of wine and absolutely no dinner clean up!  

I am truly excited about visiting the Tybee Island Lighthouse.  Since Lawyer's family is based in Jupiter, Florida we love to climb the Jupiter Lighthouse and read all of its history.  His family has quite a bit of history in the area and the children love to read about their great grandparents and all they did to preserve the lighthouse and its park.  Tybee's lighthouse is filled with history as well and they will love discovering and climbing it for a better view of the island.  I have researched and learned they have sunset tours so I will be booking one once we arrive.  They have just completed restoring and painting the lighthouse so it will be shiny and new when we tour!

I hope your weekend is fabulous!!!  

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  1. Paula Deen has a house she rents on the Island.. Google it.. It comes with dinner reservations and goodies from her restaurant!! Have fun! Elizabeth's in Savannah is great!!



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