Inspiration du jour ... BLUE, WHITE + COLOR

I am joining up this morning with the amazing Jennifer of The Pink Pagoda in the April Blue and White Bash. In the blog world there is nothing more synonymous than pairing The Pink Pagoda and blue and white porcelain.  Every picture I see mixing blue, white and color I think of Jennifer and her amazing style!  I am thrilled to be linking up with her today to share my love of blue and white porcelain and COLOR!!

(via Pinterest)

I love blue and white.  I love how classic it is.  Its absolutely timeless.  I am currently in a blue and white porcelain gathering mode.  Well, blue and white AND brass AND lamps AND ... stop me now!!!

For me ... blue and white porcelain is perfect mixed with color!!  Pink, orange, green, red ...any color really, but the brighter the better!!

(via Neiman Marcus and Carolyne Roehm)

(via Lance Jackson's Iphone and pictures from High Point April, 2014)

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest and diyremodelcenter.com)

(via Pinterest and the amazing Carolyne Roehm)

(via Pinterest and bloglovin.com)

(via Pinterest and international.stockfood.com)

(via Pinterest and mydesignchic.com)

(via Pinterest and The Oakwood Inn Bed and Breakfast)

(via Pinterest and Traditional Home)

(via Pinterest and Anna Spiro)

(via Pinterest and bergen.com)

(via Lance Jackson's Iphone and pictures from High Point April, 2014)

(via Lance Jackson's Iphone and pictures from High Point April, 2014)

(via Pinterest and Sarah Richardson)

(via Pinterest and Anna Spiro)

I know that was a picture overload ... but can you really have too much blue and white?  All pictures I found via Pinterest can be found on my Blue and White love board.  It was a lot of pinning and saving and transferring ... I hope I didn't misquote any of the sources!!

Happy Monday ... may your day be filled with blue and white and COLOR!!!



  1. High Point pics are full of blue and white this year. I am so glad. I'll be following you on Pinterest.

  2. Fabulous post... NO you can never have too much blue and white, although my poor husband is beginning to beg to differ. ;) I mentioned your ORC today on my blog. I'm so excited about your blue and white patio!!

    The Glam Pad

  3. I am in the midst of my own blue & white collecting so I love all this great inspiration!

  4. How lovely to find your blog! I find blue & white so addictive & yet, as you say, timeless.

  5. Hi Paige,

    Gorgeous images! Pleasure meeting you here on the linkup. I'm following you on pinterest! xo, Laurel

  6. I love the photos with strong contrast - like the blue & white plates against the green wall. So striking.



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