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ORC ... # myfaves

The One Room Challenge is now a week behind us and I am thrilled to say I have now read each and every blog from the other 75 linking partners.  There is some ah-mazing work and serious eye candy in those links.  And tons of hard work.  Some of these rooms included serious demo and still were completed in six weeks.  Reading others updates is by far my favorite part of the whole challenge.  I get so excited on reveal day ... I probably rush my children out the door a little quicker than I should on those days!  

I have to start with my personal favorite.  I know, I am biased since Lance and David are not only friends but basically family to the Lawyer family ... but are you kidding me with this room??  The pictures do not do this room justice!  It's soooo good!  The Thibault fabrics are so incredible and the wallpaper and the rug are EPIC.  When the hubs read his reveal he asked me which room they had transformed.  When I told him it was the former all white master bedroom he stopped, looked at me and said ... "wait, are you kidding?  I need to see that again from the beginning."  Yes!  Y'all he knocked it out of the park with this room!

Lance ... You went BIG!!!  xxoo

Seven weeks ago I didn't even know Emilie.  Had not read her blog and didn't follow her on Instagram.  Thankfully all of that has changed.  The first week I followed her journey was the week she brought her Chintz chairs home from an island on a ferry.  Yep, Chintz on a ferry.  I simply love Emilie's room.  That Chintz, the gold, the stripes ... its GOOD!!!  And luckily in these past weeks Emilie has become a friend and y'all she's funny!!  I am so thankful for this challenge for so many reasons but meeting Emilie is in the top 5!!!  
July can't come quick enough Shells!!!  xo 

Andrea of the Glam Pad is just amazing!!  During my first link up in October she followed my journey and weekly left me the most encouraging and kind comments!  I immediately fell in love with her.  She lives in 
Coral Gables but in my head she lives in a darling pink house in Palm Beach!  This room she created was incredible!  She started with Lilly Pulitzer's writing desk and created an entire office around it.  I would have wanted to create a whole house around this show stopping piece!

One day I will be shopping with you Andrea and we will be stalking out famous Palm Beach peeps together while drinking amazing cocktails.  And that day can't come quick enough for me!

The day I discovered Charmaine on Instagram was a good one!  She has amazing thrifting skills and this girl finds some incredible deals.  Her ORC of her daughter's shared bedroom and extra space is fabulous.   I love her colors and her headboards, dresser and etageres are to die for!  I know those girls absolutely adore their new spaces!!  

I discovered Ashley (and Lindsey) on week 1 of the linking reveal.  I loved her design ideas and the minute she said the word lacquer I was hooked.  Her bathroom reveal is amazing.  I love the contrast of the black and ice blue walls.  And those gold dots ... are you kidding me?  Gorg!!  I am excited to follow their design blog and watch them slowly transform the world.  


Krista was another amazing girl I had no knowledge of a mere seven weeks ago.  And how we had not crossed paths on Instagram I have no idea.  She has a passion for thrifting that speaks to my heart.  I absolutely love all her brass and her mixture of green and leopard is incredible!  I had to read her update more than once just to take in all her amazing thrifted finds.  I love all the comments she leaves me.  So supportive and so fab!

Great job girl ... I love your room!!  xo 

Surburban Bitches.  I will be honest and tell you that I originally followed them on Instagram simply because of their name.  How fun!!  This room Tricia created is incredible!  I love her grey, white and black and the Shumacher wallpaper is to. die. for.  I chose this picture to share with you for all its fun elements.  She has more than one DIY and the fact that she made a Juju hat still blows me away.  I love my glue gun and some serious DIY, but all those feathers would have sent me postal.  Her finished product is perfect and worth gold after all her hard work.  

I love your space Tricia and I'm so thankful your Instagram and your blog are just as amazing as your sassy name!!  

Y'all ... if you don't read any other reveal, you MUST read Kimber's!!!  She was nothing short of a rock star with her demo and sheet rock install.  And she completed it all ... all on her own.  I would have burst into tears on day 3 and called for some immediate assistance.  I absolutely love the wallpaper she used.  Lance used it for one of his clients and I am here to tell you ... pictures don't do this paper justice!!   

I am in love with your house Kimber and I love watching you make it into the masterpiece it is!!

I will admit I have maj ORC withdrawals.  It's the most fun six weeks!  I am already plotting which room(s) I will transform in October.  I am flopping back and forth between our basement living room and our master bedroom/bathroom.  The basement need some SERIOUS work, but then again we have carpet in our master bathroom which is just plain gross!

At least I have five months to plan ... 

and save $!!



  1. Thank you so much for including me as one of your favorites, Paige! I am so flattered!! And in my head, I live in a darling pink house in Palm Beach! Someday!! ;)

    The Glam Pad

  2. Bravo Paige on summing up some seriously beautiful ORC rooms! You have become a friend and have inspired me to spruce up our outdoor space!

  3. Thank you so much for including me, Paige--I am so honored! We're all just trying to keep up with you, girl! Also SO glad we've found each other and become friends--cannot wait to share margs with you and #Lance...hopefully sometime soon! ;-)

  4. Thank you Paige! Your the best!!!! Xoxo thank you for including me!!!

  5. Thank you so much for including me in your round up Paige! I love each and every room you included here! I think we are just going to have to have a ORC round up one day in Atlanta. Drinks on your fabulous porch after a day of shopping at Scott's? I'm soooo in! This month I need to spruce up my back deck for a challenge and I'm looking to you for inspiration! Love, love everything you did!!!

  6. Paige! thank you so much for including me in your round up! I'm so honored to be in this group of talented people! I absolutely loved your outdoor makeover! So much inspiration!




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