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Inspiration du jour ... The Pink Pagoda

I have been writing this blog and reading many other for seven years.  I have so many favorites I love reading.  The kids leave in the morning, I pour my second cup of coffee and sit down at my computer for some morning me time.  

(courtesy of Pinterest and The Pink Pagoda's Blue and White Monday)

Among my favorites is The Pink Pagoda.  I met Jennifer during my first One Room Challenge link up in October.  I was struggling with art for my hallway to connect the bedroom and bathroom.  I had many of her prints favorited in Etsy to add to our home.  I found four I loved for the space and emailed Jennifer on Saturday afternoon to ask about purchasing the prints.  She was amazing and so quick to respond and in some magic shipping method they arrived on Monday afternoon.  

Jennifer's blog and her style are beyond amazing!  Her daily doses of "modern day Chinoserie" are nothing short of a swift shot of eye candy.  I LOVE her style and have pinned many a blue and white inspiration picture for my Pinterest Blue & White love board.   I love how crisp and classic her home is and love when she posts pictures of art she has commissioned for her collection.  Her One Room Challenge's are to die for ... and I have calendared the weekly reveals to watch her redo her laundry room, breakfast room, den, her daughter's room and lastly her daughter's sitting area.  

Imagine my excitement when I opened her blog today to find my porch included as part of her Blue and White Monday??  

I squealed, almost spit out my coffee and I promise you it included more than one ... OMG, OMG, OMG that's me!!!

I am beyond honored to be included in her post.  I admire Jennifer more than I could express to her.  I love her blog, her blue and white collection and her Etsy shop.  If I didn't already need therapy for my hoarding habits I would be filling our home with more blue and white from her store!  Thank you Jennifer for including me!  You have made my week!!  xo 

This porch has brought us such joy and relaxation and we are enjoying every second of it.  It has gotten such amazing response and every comment and post means the world to me!  I wish every single one of you were able to join me for drinks and apps on the porch.  If you find yourself in the Atlanta area ... pop me an email.  You have a standing invitation!

Happy Monday!!  

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness, Paige, I'm overwhelmed!! You're far too kind! I'm very flattered and honored. Thank you so very much for using TPP prints in your ORCs!! I would have been here much sooner today, but my 5 pound pup ripped open a bag with chocolate inside and ingested vast amounts while we weren't home! I'm still dying over your porch! I know you must be enjoying every second out there possible!



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