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Tuesday Thrift ... #MHMroom

Happy Tuesday!!!  

I am in complete project mode here at Casa de Lawyer ... trying to knock out a master to do list I have had on the books for longer than I wish to recall!  At some point you just gotta put on your big girl panties and make it happen!

This week I am working on :Little Bit's room.  Although with her being 9 and finishing third grade this week I am not sure she is quite little any more!  Sniff ... 

Here is the room now ... 

I still can not believe I scored these vintage bed skirts from an estate in Palm Beach for $25 each.  That was the best day at Scott's ever!! 

The framed prints were inspired by the Manhattan Lilly Pulitzer store.  They are framed in green Ikea frames and I love the outcome!

Her reading area ... All that color makes me want to curl up in this chair and read for hours!

Here is what I am working on ...

She needs bedside tables and I have two thrifted ones.  This one ... 


Savannah consignment store.  

They are the exact same size and height, the second one has glass, but other than that they are perfect together.  

Using this photo as my inspiration, I need to decide on a lacquer color.  I am leaning toward white ... but is this the right decision?

This is the what the tables will sit next to ... white?  orange? green?

I would love to hear what you think ...



  1. Do you send them out to get lacquered or is this DIY? I have a piece in need of being lacquered and don't know where to begin. What about hot pink for the bedside tables or the preppy green? Why even ask us? Why not consult Lance :)

  2. I am good with DIYing a piece of furniture with spray paint but when it comes to lacquering a piece I leave that to the pros. Parker Kennedy Living does an amazing lacquer job and I am sure there are designers in your area who can recommend a good source. Lance voted white ... I just was curious what another color would look like! I am sure I will end up with his advice as always!



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