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Teenage room redo ...

The older teenager's room needs updating.  The one at the end of the hall who's door is always closed.  

The one who freaks out if he finds evidence that his younger siblings have been in his space. 

Yes, that one.

It needs new paint, a new floor plan and definitely some new curtains.  I tried to discuss it with him earlier this week and he was insistent that I would not be touching his room.  "You can fancy up the rest of the house, but my room is off limits."

Well then, looks like I will have to wait until the end of next week when he flies to DC for four days for a robotics conference.  But to make it all work ... I will need a perfect plan ready for quick execution.

First up ... floor plan!

I would show you pics of its current state but of course I am banned from going in without food in hand or for a specifically approved reason.  Oh, just wait ... your kids will be 17 too one day.  His room is very tidy and he is very anal ... its just that he would like it if nothing ever changed.  Ha ... he was born into the wrong house for that one.

He has amazing beds made by his grandfather when he was five years old.  They are gorgeous and have served him well over the years.  Hopefully one day when he has a house, they will go on to live with him and his new family!

He has had the same Ralph Lauren plaid sheets since he was three. They still look amazing after 14 years.  I highly recommend Ralph Lauren linens ... they stand the test of time.  

(black watch plaid)

He has the black watch plaid comforters and the green and white plaid pillow cases.  All he really needs is new shams, preferably monogrammed, and some new bottom sheets and his beds should be good to go.  

(royal stewart)

I have purchased four yards of royal stewart plaid to use for pillows on the bed.  Although I may save it for another project on the list.  I am a big fan of mixing plaids.  Actually the more the merrier for me!  

His panels will be replaced with these navy ones.   I haven't decided if I want to band them with extra plaid fabric or greek key trim.  

Sort of leaning towards the Greek key ... I think it will break up all the plaid and solids.  Would need to be a darker green than this sample.  Add that to the to do list!

He needs a large bulletin board made for over this desk for the many papers he seems to collect for school, robotics and small group.  I am thinking of just making one with space plaid fabric.  I will get back to you on this one.  I need something large and vertical ... so a DIY may be my best bet.  

The walls need to be repainted since its has been 11 years since paint touched his walls.  This will make the most impact ... since they are going from a brilliant blue to a neutral beige.  He and his younger brother share a bathroom so their rooms really need to be the same color.  This is the best beige I have ever used ... and ps.  I hate beige.  Sherwin Williams Basket Beige.  Trust me on this one!

I have a few things I have gathered to fluff up the room ... the kind that will make it look like it fits in with the rest of the house.  He will hate it for sure ... but it is what it is. 

Plates ... check 
Ikea frames ... check 
Monogrammed pillows ... almost there 
Matching lamps ... still working on this one!

But I still have 8 days to finalize my plans before he leaves and I have to hit the ground running.  He is just like his Daddy ... hates the idea of change, but will enjoy the final product.  

We hope!


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  1. Cannot wait to see how this turns following along!



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