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Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #champsglasses

Last Sunday I was invited to dinner at Houston's with the Designer Stock Exchange crew + Parker Kennedy Living.  I was thrilled to be included and for the evening away since the hubs had already left town!  It was a win, win for moi.  

As soon as I arrived I spotted an amazing stemmed bee glass on the table and I had to inquire what was served in this glass.  Learning it was champagne I knew I would be drinking nothing else that evening.   And after three glasses I may have had a wee bit of a headache on Monday am.  I said maybe. 

I am a sucker for a glass.  I like my wine in large glasses, I love my tea in a syrofoam cup and I love my coffee in a big mug.  It just tastes better to me.  

Love these gold dipped ones.  Looks like a doable DIY, but I sure would rather find them on Etsy!

Precious glasses!  I am thinking I would drink too much champs in these.  They look rather thin to me.  I love how dainty and precious they are.

These glasses.  Easy to do with edible gold sugar.  Must remember this for my next porch shin dig!

Totally doable as a DIY and probably a great new giveaway!  Thoughts?

These feel vintage to me which is why I love them.  Look at the details in these glasses!  Amazing!!

And a few recipes for you to enjoy using your champagne!!

Happy Wednesday!


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