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Tuesday Thrifting ... Designer Stock Exchange

Last weekend was the Designer Stock Exchange at the West side Market here in Atlanta.  I had been dying to go all week considering two of my favorite dealers would be bringing their loot.  The sale was marketed as a "pop-up designer & blogger tag sale" and it was this and so much more!

I went to support my sweet friend Dara of Details Atlanta who I can't seem to get enough items from.  The hubs keeps asking ... who is this Dara and why are we writing her so many checks?  Well ... she's my dealer and she's fabulous!!!    And of course ... I walked away with more of her loot!

Her booth ... that rug is amazing and I am still trying to figure out why I haven't bought it the last five times I have seen it!

These chests!  I immediately died over them.  The right in the right hand corner of the picture is larger than his friend which sent me in a tailspin trying and wishing they were a pair.  In the end ... I took the smaller one for a song,  $120 and it is ready for the lacquer drive thru car wash where it will become white lacquer with gold accents.  He's just amazing!!

These sconces were just amazing ... I am still dreaming of them.  I would love to bring them home and put them in the master bedroom.  But ... only time will tell. 

She had awesome and amazing pieces.  This side table was divine and the green coffee table got snatched up while I was shopping.  Someone is surely loving him at the moment!

My loot from Dara ... a happiness jar, the chest and these adorable brass turtles.  I picked up two ... one for each bar cart.  I also scored tons of chat time and a few hugs.  She is recently engaged so I was thrilled to hear all the deets!  Love you Dara!!!

I was really looking forward to meeting Sherry Hart of Design Indulgence.  I have been reading her blog forever and she is a friend of Parker Kennedy Living.  They can't say enough fun things about her.  I was over the moon to find her just as I thought she would be ... gorgeous, stylish and so much fun to talk to.  We immediately connected and I can't wait to meet her for lunch or dinner or both!  Let's make it a long day with after dinner drinks on my porch.  

Sherry's booth was chock full of art and fabric ... two of my favorite things!!  

This picture was fabulous and I would have snatched it up for our basement had Parker Kennedy not beat me to it.  It just screams Ralph Lauren frat boy plaid ... yes?

Her art was divine.  I kept staring at the large piece at the top, which of course, I have absolutely no place for in the house.  But it was large and simply amazing.   She told me she envisioned it in a turquoise room ... and I thought I have a turquoise study ... with no large wall space.  Ugh ... it stayed behind.

I did score some good loot from Sherry ... 

This painting ... the middle one ... which I absolutely love for a song.  $20 and my art wall looks so much better.  I also snatched up another unframed painting for just $5.  Her prices were basically silly.  I wanted everything.

This Thibaut remnant.  Not sure what I will do with it, but I refused to leave it behind. 

This needlepoint pillow front.  Sooooo me and at $3 I will figure out a way to use it!

Loved Sherry and can not wait to see her more!  You are lovely and I will think of you each time I see my goodies!  xo 

I was also really excited to finally meet Erin Giglia,, in person!!  We have become Instagram friends ... but meeting in person is just so much better!  She is just amazing.  Full of life, talent and super model gorgeous.  She even brought me a present ... a pair of brass geese which I immediately brought home, polished and found a spot for.  Thank you again, Erin, for such a thoughtful and precious gift!!

Look at her booth ... top notch finds here!!!

These sold on Saturday ... I don't know how they held out so long.  They were amazing and the seats alone are worth a FORTUNE!

Fun bar cart and gold ice bucket ... neither of which I can use since I have triples of each in my home!

Those lamps ... still dreaming of these.  I would love to use them in my home ... if only I had a spare outlet.  Yes, I am a lamp hoarder.  Add it to my list of issues!

I mean, are you kidding me with these.  Tall, fabulous and absolutely gorgeous.  

I took home some of my favorite goodies from Erin.  Another Staffordshire pup ... yes, go ahead and add that to the hoarders list, and some precious glass poodle swizzle sticks for my living room bar cart.   You can barely make them out in the picture above of the bar cart because they are glass.  But, trust me, they are darling!

Erin is such an interesting woman.  She has a real job, a big one, and just thrifts on the side.  I loved hearing her talk about how all this has come to fruition and her struggle to just let the big job go and embrace her dream.  Do it girl.  You have the eye and the talent to make it work!!  xo 

I also met the precious Ally of The Right Bank on Instagram.  Absolutely the cutest girl with amazing finds!!  Everything she had I wanted got snatched up by Parker Kennedy Living.  Mental note ... go early without them next time!

The super cute Elle Cantrell ...

And Brendon Frasier ... 

I bought these darling ship prints from Brendon.  They are currently hanging here in the study above some new chests.  The chests need to be painted and styled, but here they sit for now!  They are perfect for my house!!!

I am truly looking forward to another event hosted by these very talented and fun people.  They have amazing stuff and they are now all precious friends.  

Thank you guys for a wonderful weekend!  Let's do champs at Houston's again very soon!



  1. Thank you so much for all of your support, Paige! It was great to meet you. (And you know that was me with that bee glass of champagne you spotted! Where there is champagne, I'm usually not too far away.....) :)

  2. Great post was definitely a fun time and I am so glad you prospered from my hoarding:) Looking forward to more laughs at the next dinner!

  3. What an amazing sale! I have the same brass turtle! I got it from a souk in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia over 20 years ago when I was a little girl.



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