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Beach roundup ... #peeps

This last four days here at the beach has been amazing.  Short but packed full of fabulous time, places and people.  I needed this little vacay so much.  My mind, body and heart needed to get away and soak up some pure relaxation.  

When you don't feel well for so long it takes over your life.  It isn't something I decided I would give in to ... but it happened none the less.  My summer seemed to be just swim team, dr appts, tests and more meds.  I need some serious quiet time to regroup and refocus.  The hubs is right.  I don't sit still at home.  I run around like my hair is on fire and I need to remedy that ... STAT.  My life is amazing and I need to soak more of it up!!!

seriously Starbucks on the beach?  yes, please!!

On our first trip to the Sugar Shak on Monday we ran into my sweet friend Amanda's amazing sister.  She biked up and we immediately started chatting about our vacays.  I actually met Sister first about two years ago in Target with their mother.  She is just as precious, kind and talented as Amanda.  Seriously ... such a cute little fam!

After a long line at the Sugar Shak we met up for some quality chatting at the Pearl Hotel.  One place I will need to return!!  Great atmosphere and amazing food and drinks!  I just love Amanda.  She is kind, funny and so much fun!!  And so tiny I could put her in my Louie and carry her home!  Just saying ... 

We met up with these cuties again last night at the Rosemary Beach outdoor play.  So fun.  We chatted, shared champs and giggled!  The perfect evening!!

cute little Preppie Peonie in the turquoise

We were treated to two days with the precious Jenni Beth of Preppie Peonie.  She invited us to join her at the Hilton where they were staying (across the street) and we basically stayed for two days.  Beach, pool. lunch, dinner, drinks, dessert, trip to Seaside and chatting for hours.  Such sweet and precious time!  Her family is just so stinking cute ... all five of them.  She and her sweet husband have created the sweetest little family of 5.  Love each one of them to pieces!!  Thank you Jenni Beth for loving on us and sharing two days of your vacay with me and my babies.  My littles will be chatting about y'all for quite some time!!  

Such a sweet four days ... and so many precious memories!!

Hope your week was lovely!  We are packing up and headed home.  I have vowed to make the most of the last two weeks of summer vacay!!  To do lists can wait ... my babies can't!!



  1. Sounds like you got just what you needed to refuel. ENJOY your last few days!

  2. love your face of too!

  3. So glad you were able to get away. I can totally relate to the being sick, doctors appointments, med adjustments, diet adjustments, wish I had more time for me. Oh, sit? only when blogging my friend ;-) Travel safe. Would love to meet up with you and Amanda sometime in Atlanta. Sorry to have missed out on Haven.

  4. So happy for your fam had a fun time! Love reading your blog! :)

  5. What a great vacation! Ummm.. and love the pink chair and umbrella! Where is that because I seriously need to get there!
    Tricia // Suburban Bitches



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