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Inspiration du jour ... #blackandwhiterug

There are some design pieces that are so amazing they make their ways around the internet ... blogs, Pinterest, designer rooms and the like.  I recently scoured this amazing poster which has been popping up all over the internet and in rooms for quite a while since its debut on Domino's cover in September 2006.  No matter how many times I see this poster it never gets old.  I hung it in Little Bit's room last name and it is PERFECT!  

(via Pinterest)

This rug is another well used piece.  I have had my eyes on the Stockholm rug from Ikea for quite some time.  It's black and white perfection in my book. 

This rug is fabulous.  Classic, timeless and such an amazing price.

I love how it seems to anchor each room.  I truly love black in each room, so perfect clean and as I said before, timeless!

My favorite place to see it is in a room full of color.  I am drawn to black and white, especially stripes.  

And stripes with leopard.  Oh, yes PLEASE!!

After coveting this rug for longer than I can remember ... I have decided to take the plunge for the study.  

I am excited to see it with all the turquoise, lime, pink and yellow.  

 I would have grabbed it up at Ikea yesterday ... BUT since every single person in the tri state area was shopping for back to school and college prep I barely escaped the store with the two frames I popped in to grab.  I am thrilled to see it under the amazing white desk.  And to get the Clutter Savannah chandy hung.  It's a smidge dark in there for now.  This will be my favorite little corner on the main floor.  I love how we have a desk big enough for the kids to sit together.  Sooo close to being complete!!  

I will hopefully score online ... or have to brave that scary situation again.  To think I seriously thought it would be easy to pop in for just a few minutes. 

Silly me!!

Happy Monday!

(All photos with the Stockholm Ikea rug via my Black and White board on Pinterest)


  1. I think world market has a similar rug (and in different color ways) in case you have one close by and don't want to pay for shipping.

  2. It will look great in your study.

  3. Love the poster! And, that rug will be perfect for your study. I need to make a trip down and am dreading it. If I make my way down before you, I'll let you know. Happy to pick it up for you!!

  4. That is going to look great. I will always love that rug!



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