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Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #thebeach

Caprese roll ups 
(inspired by @tenniskat on IG)

Besides my hours of sitting in a chair on the beach and reading book after book .. my other favorite part of the beach is the eats and drinks!!  When we are here for a week, or two. at a time I plan a sandwich and drink of the day.  Sooo fun and sooo yummy!!  

I am more of a snacker than a true meal eater in the summer time.  Boiled eggs, nuts, fruit and yogurt are staples for my breakfasts ... cheese, fruit and nuts are perfect for lunch ... hummus, veggies, fruit, almond butter, more cheese and crackers for snack and I could live off of salads!!  There is nothing better to me in the summer than a large ice cold salad!!  Top this off with glasses of white wine and you have discovered the way to my heart!

Since we are only here for a few days we haven't been able to make the rounds for all my favorite eats, just a few and a new one or two!  

For the kids no beach trip is complete without a number of trips to the Sugar Shak!  Ok, me too!  Who doesn't love a whole shop full of sugar happiness??

We stopped in for the first time on Monday evening and then again on Tuesday morning for t shirts and celebratory shaved ice!  (Mama got some GREAT news!!!)

They were beyond excited when I said yes to shaved ice so early in the day!  Big points for me ... Big, HUGE!!

Cola for him, red raspberry for her and pina coloda for moi!!  

If you have never been to the Sugar Shak ... Go!!  So much fun and so many choices.  Ice cream, shaved ice, chocolate and every single penny candy you can imagine!!  I love that they have a wide selection of things for the middle schooler who can't have food coloring.  His bag was full of tootsie rolls, white Airheads, bubble gum and one Banana Laffy Taffy which he is sure I don't know is in the bag!

I scored my favorite nougat, caramel creams, Mr Good Bar and salt water taffy.  They even have candy cigarettes  ... serious blast from my childhood!  Little Bit chose a variety of yummyness including Pop Rocks, Blow Pops, Laffy Taffy, gum and plenty of other things full of colors her brother would never ask her to share!

Another big fave is the Donut Hole.  Seriously they make the most amazing breakfast and sandwiches!!  We slept in on Tuesday am and arrived around 9:30 and only had to wait about 10 minutes which is a super win in my book!

We started out with two donuts which we split ... one red velvet and one powdered.  I was voting for either the coconut or the chocolate coconut but the kids nixed both.  I will be stopping in before we leave for some donuts for home!   

I can not say enough about the red velvet donuts!!  They are AMAZEBALLS!!!

I ordered the Huevos Chorizo ... basically breakfast tacos ... and then were amazing!!  Of course I only ate a small portion of this.  There servings are enormous and so yummy!!  Little Bit ordered the short stack and got two of the biggest pancakes she has ever seen and The Middle Schooler ordered a patty melt and hash browns.  They both loved every bit they were able to finish.  

We also hit the Crab Trap, in the Grand (sooo yummy), Seaside food trucks and Frost Bites.  In the less than one day left I have to squeeze in another trip to the Donut Hole for donuts, the Seagrove Market and possibly a yummy option in Seaside tonight for dinner!  

Depending on how pooped I am after a lazy day on the beach today!!

Happy Hump Day!


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  1. Glad you are having a wonderful time. My girls always loved hitting up the local candy shop while on vacations.



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