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Tuesday Thrift ... the porch sofa

There are so many cute antique and thrift shops here at the beach ... but since it is a short trip I am abstaining from popping in.  It is just about to kill me ... but I will be back.  The kids keep pointing out my faves and I keep saying we need to focus babies, focus!!  And the fact that I am in a smaller car is a huge factor.  Where would I put all that furniture I find?

Last summer when we were here Parker Kennedy had their first Warehouse Blowout sale.  It was killing me to be sitting on the beach watching so many of his pieces fly out the door at ridiculous prices.  But ... I tried to stay focused on vacay and not think about anything I might be missing.

Then the hubs spotted this couch in the PKL Instagram feed.  Mind you it wasn't lacquered white at the time and looked incredibly sad in the picture.

But the hubs loved it and wanted it immediately.  Look at the amazing lines, he said, look at that detailing, he said.  And I texted and it was ours!

And for a year it sat in my garage.  I couldn't for the life of me decide where to use it.  The den was an option ... but I was unsure of how many I could sit comfortably during a party.  The master was another option but I had just purged a camel back sofa from this room and didn't want to add another large piece. So ... it just sat there taking up the space that the hubs would usually park in the garage.

And then the One Room Challenge came in April and I needed a sofa for the porch.

A sofa with a fab shape, some amazing lines and interest.


OMG ... the first time I saw it I almost passed out ... the hubs was right!  She is amazing!!!  The details are to die for and the white lacquer made them all pop.  He was against the white paint and I clearly did not defer to him on this detail!

And the back is just as fab.  Her trip to the upholstery spa was a huge success!!

She is so happy in her new home and we are thrilled with having her there!!!  Perfect for the porch ... two, maybe three can sit.  One can lay perfectly.  It was meant to be. 

And to think ... we snagged that piece the last time we were here at the beach a year ago.  

Good call Lawyer!!

Good call!!

Happy Tuesday from sunny Florida!!



  1. I love how crisp the blue and white stripes look!

  2. It is gorgeous!! Absolutely love the bold stripes.

  3. It's fabulous!! I mean really stunning!! XOXO

  4. That sofa looks amazing! I am looking for a good upholsterer so if you can share yours I would appreciate it (I'm in Buckhead)!

  5. Wow!! She is amazing and I never really realized it when looking at the total awesomeness of your porch. Glad she got her moment and Lawyer's a keeper- gotta love a man who sees the potential in ratty, old furniture!! But do tell, he must be taught that #whiteisalwaysagoodchoice LOL!!



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