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It's the Journey ... 30 miles!!!

I am so sorry this is my first post of the week. I am attempting life this week a little behind .. but the best news of the week is a recap of last weekend!!

My team and I completed our 30 mile walk to raise money for breast cancer research and treatment in Georgia.  This is my second year participating in the walk and I can not express how much each year how much this experience has blessed my life!  The blisters, sore muscles and tired feet can not compare to the people you meet, survivors you see, laughs and stories along the way and the exhilaration you feel when you hear you were part of a weekend that raised 1.2 million dollars!!!

We always start our walk with a dinner Friday night.  This year we chose White Oak Kitchen and the food was delicious.  Though I must say ... isn't any meal you have with your besties delicious?

How cute are our glasses with our team logo?  The amazing HKL Designs was my life saver creating these and our darling fundraiser t shirts!  We love you Tricia!!

Yummy cookies ... I may or may not have eaten two yesterday for breakfast with my coffee!

Our strong and brave survivor ... who scored a pink Keurig as swag.  I may be just a little jelly!

After dinner we headed to the room for happies, wine and girl time.  This group of besties is just the best.  We have 9 years together and the stories and experiences are the best part.  They are the first to laugh at me and also the first to come to my rescue when I text or call.  Life is just better with them in it!

Early the next morning we were off ... 

Lunch is the 10 mile point and we always ditch the sandwiches and sneak off to a fab lunch of food and drinks!

This year may be my new favorite joint ... 

We stopped in Decatur at Victory Sandwich Bar ... and they treated each of us to a Jack and coke slushie shot!  YUM!!!

1 chicken taco, part of a pimento and bacon jam jar, 2 Dark & Stormys and 1 shot later I was ready to take on the last 10 miles of the day. 

We were met with a torrential down pour at mile 16 and dragged our completely soaked selves into the Highland Tap to sit out the storm.  

As in so wet that we had to borrow the bartenders bar towels to attempt to dry off before sitting down.  

2 crown and gingers later we were mostly dry and ready for the last miles of the day.  The bartender here treated us to a shot of something strong and when it kicked in on the belt line we started chatting about the craziest things.  The kind where you think you are alone and yet are surrounded by the public who laughs as they pass you.  All I can say is ... Your Welcome ... hopefully we made someone's day!

At just before 5 pm we completed our day!  Yes, we were about an hour and a half behind schedule but the drinks and eats the rain put us behind schedule!  

We trickled in three different times, but this made showers and massages so much easier!

Day 1 was beyond amazing and the support along the route is like nothing I have ever seen.  The "Breast Stops" are filled with girl scouts, volunteers, and so many people that are there to make sure we are safe and healthy along the way.  So many families stood outside their houses to thank us for walking and to cheer us on.  I love seeing the tiniest of children standing with their daddy waving and looking for their walking mommies!  If you have the chance to walk at any point I encourage you to do so ... walk with us ... we are crazy but I guarantee you will laugh until your stomach aches just as much as your feet!!

Day 2 on Friday!



  1. So proud of you, and all who walked. Such a wonderful and humbling experience.

  2. Wonderful and Thanks for sharing. I MUST do this!!!!!

  3. This is incredible! I'm so impressed!! What a terrific experience...I need to find one near me....

  4. So much fun! I have done the 3-day and the 2-day and, while both are amazing experiences, you can't beat staying in a hotel on the 2-day! ;) Glad yall had a great time for such a wonderful cause!

  5. LOVE you right back!!! You girls are amazing!!!

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