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One Room Challenge ... week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge!  If you missed week 1, you can catch up here!

I am tackling our master bathroom this round ... and WOW it's a big room with a ton of issues!

This week was a productive week full of decision making and gathering!  

I absolutely loved the comment from last week regarding using Overlays or bendable wood to update our marble curved tub area!  I have checked into both and will be making a decision next week.  My only obstacle now is finding a paint that will work on the marble front once it has been updated!  The top of the tub will stay as is ... just the front is being painted.  I need to have a conference with my peeps at Home Depot to see what they recommend!

It was a huge week for me in the gathering department ... and this post should really be brought to you by Home Goods since I scored the bulk of my loot there!

I now have ~

An amazing lamp for the right side of the vanity area
A sheepskin rug to cover the vanity bench
Two mirrors for the sink area, need one more!
 Soap dispensers
New white towels
Shower curtain hooks
Bar glasses to use in the spa area to hold cotton balls and Q-tips
Queen sheet set to be used as fabric

I posted about my vintage scores on Tuesday ... and I am thrilled about the rattan round stool.  

This baby will get a coat of chocolate lacquer and a sheepskin top just like the photo above from Burlap and Lace!  

And it will fit perfectly in front of the little vanity area.  I love the round stool ... I think it will be a good contrast to all the rectangular edges!

All the fabric has been chosen ~

This basket weave sheet set will be made into the shower curtain.  
One long panel with a ruffle edge ... BAM!

Turquoise check for the vanity skirt and the lamp shade(s).  

The remaining two I am contemplating for the water closet valance.  This will be the chocolate striped area, so I want to make sure it pops.  It may end up being the solid with a white grosgrain greek key DIY detail.  I will just have to wait and see!

Remainder of lighting ~

Sconces for mirror ... no idea why the pic is super blurry! ... perfect price!

And today after rereading Abby M Interiors reveal from the last ORC I completely changed my mirror plan.  I have been really struggling with the wall of mirrors we currently have and my original plan was to have them removed and re cut to go all the way up to the ceiling.  How that would reduce the amount of views of myself I do not know.  I have been in love with her single mirror over the sink for about six months and so I headed to Home Goods to see what I could find ... 

Pay Dirt!!  

These mirrors are amazing and so budget worthy.  They are 3x4' in size and I found two so I just need a third.  These will greatly reduce the walls of mirrors I have now and I will be able to break it all up with wallpaper and sconces.   

Keep your eyes out for me local peeps ... I am known to send happies for help scoring items!

It was a good week and I am feeling good about my progress.  Of course, now that I have said it, something will surely blow up!

Happy thoughts!

See you next week ... until then check up on the remaining linking partners here!



  1. It's going to be fabulous!!

    Love the mirror idea. More room to see that amazing wallpaper.

    Can't wait to see it come together. I'm always up for some diy help, just let me know.


  2. Paige! I can not wait to see this come together. I am just dying over the sheets and the trim you have planned. And those mirrors? Show stopper!

  3. LOOOOVE the fabrics you're putting together! Your bath is going to be fantastic, Paige!

  4. Love everything you have decided on thus far. Gonna be amazing! Oh, and you know this girl loves scouring Home Goods!! Will keep my eye...well as soon as Hubby returns with my car. His clutch bit the dust, so who's without the car? Moi! UGH!!!

  5. I just love the sheet with that wallpaper. It's going to be gorgeous!

  6. FABULOUS!! I cannot wait to see this and AMAZING mirror! Great score!

  7. Awesome scores! I saw one of those mirrors at our Home Goods but that does you no good (I'm in VA). Looks great!

  8. So so good. Loving the sheets and the mirrors are gorg!!!! And yes Abby's is killer but these will be amazing in your plan!

  9. Oh Paige, I just saw the mirror Abby used at my Homegoods this week,maybe keep checking till the last minute! Love your fabrics and chocolate stripes - yes!!

  10. Love the turquoise and those mirrors and sconces!!! Glad to see somebody's getting stuff done. :)

  11. I can't believe how much you found at Homegoods. This is looking great, and the sconces...winner!

  12. I'm jealous you get to shop at Home Goods and find such cool stuff! Love the direction this is headed in. Good luck this week :)

  13. I heart that mirror from Home Goods! Awesome fabrics!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands

  14. Love, love the mirror! You have gathered some awesome decor and can't wait to see it in the reveal. Love that your using the turquoise.


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