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One Room Challenge Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of the One Room Challenge!  If you missed week 1 and 2, you can catch up here and here!

I am tackling our master bathroom this round ... and WOW it's a big room with a ton of issues!  This week was another week of scheduling and decision making.  I got very discouraged when I went to post about this week thinking there was nothing big to share.  In the past challenges I have done a bedroom and porch and each week there is so much to do and share and with a bathroom its a ton of decisions, planning and scheduling and then watching it all come together!

This week I really wanted to get the stripes up in the water closet area.  I chose the paint, gathered the supplies and then waited for the soreness from the 30 mile walk to subside.  The soreness did pass after two days, but the swollen feet and ankles (a new issue for me this year) have prevented me from standing for long intervals.  Sadly, it will have to wait for a few more days.  

Gathered my hardware and I am thrilled with my choices!  The longer pull will be for the drawers and the round pull for the doors.  The cabinets will be painted early next week (by moi) and I am excited to get the hardware on!  Both will be painted gold with my favorite gold spray paint!!

I chose new faucets this week and I had to settle a little more than I thought I would ... but its still a good choice.  I wanted to go with something fancy and then realized my choices for a 3 hole were not as grand as I had hoped they would be.  

It will be so much better than what is currently there, I just need to remain focused on this point!

The biggest decision of the week for me was the mirror issue!  I shared last week that I had located amazing mirrors for the bathroom and had completely abandoned the idea of wall mounted mirrors.  I made the mistake of not purchasing the mirrors when I found them and went back to get them after measuring and making sure they would work in my space!  When I went back, there was only 1 instead of the 2 I had originally seen.  


I bought the one mirror and just trusted I would locate 1 or 2 more in the area Home Goods!  When I went to plan out the mirror/sconce placement I had another issue as the mirror hung horizontally would not allow me to mount the sconces on each side the way I planned.  I had to make some decisions and figure out how to make the mirrors and the 4 sconces sitting in boxes work!

To give you a visual this is the current mirror situation ... 

The hubs side ... one large mirror over the vanity area and one small mirror off to the side.  The one to the left is going away and never coming back.   My choices for this area were to (1) hang the new mirror horizontally and then hang one sconce to the left where the little mirror was, or (2) hang the mirror vertically and squeeze the sconces in on either side!

My side ... a little different.  I have two very large scary mirrors.  Remember the whole goal was to eliminate the mirror palozza going on here.  So my choices were (1) hang the new mirror horizontally and then the scones on either side, (2) hang the new mirror horizontally and then hang one scone on above and one sconce on the little wall to the right, or (3) hang the sink mirror vertically, both sconces on either side of the mirror and then either hang a third mirror over the vanity area ... or (4) find a fab completely different mirror for this area!!!

Thanks to my amazing friend Amanda, who popped over yesterday with dinner, I have decided to chose option number 2 for the hubs side and option number 4 for my side!  She suggested I completely girly out the vanity section with an awesome mirror and crystal lamp and make this area what it was intended to be!

I just love her!!!

This was the picture I had in my mind and on Pinterest ... and this is the feel I am going for in the vanity space!  Isn't this divine?  

Painters come next week, electrician comes next week, stripes going up next week ... it will be pictures and eye candy galore!

See you then, until then check up on the remaining linking partners here!



  1. Can't wait to see the eye candy!!

  2. Hope your feet recover quickly! Glam it on up, sister. You deserve a girly girl vanity. I am also currently having a mirror crisis. I feel you, girl.

  3. Bathrooms are's a lot of hurry up and wait- I'm going through the same thing waiting for tile so I can make some real progress. Love the idea of making a super girly vanity area!

  4. Oh no, I hope your feet are improving! And congrats on the 30 mile feat!! Love where you are headed so put your feet up and just keep making those decisions. Good luck and feel better!

  5. What a nice friend. I think your side is my favorite.

  6. Oh no take care of your feet! Looks great so far and I can not wait to see the finished product!! :)

  7. I love seeing the progress, Paige. I too adore Mrs. Amanda! xo

  8. I love the direction you're headed!! Can't wait to see more :-)

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