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Clothing classics ...

As part of my #lentnospend I have been truly digging through my closet and purging so much.  I think I have filled two contractor trash bags with donations from my closet.  That includes everything from shoes to coats.  

Of course, I need to say that some of the items I purged were in that closet since I had baby #1.  

Oy ...

But every single time I go into that rather small space, for all it holds, I find something new.  Something I am excited to wear.  It has been a journey ... and I am only about 20 days committed.  I still have the other half.  And it feels good.  Great actually.

I have begun to think about classics that I need to add to my wardrobe.  Things that I will keep year after year and will never go out of style.  The pearl earring of pieces.

My style is preppy.  Yes, I mix it up with trendy, but I am a prep at heart.  No matter what I wear there are always preppy elements,  It is the style I am most comfortable in and probably will be the rest of my life.  I see stylish older women with preppy clothes and think, yep, I could totally be ok with that!

Here are the 50 items Domino Magazine says every girl should own ... 

This is a better representation but when I tried to use the image it was too small to truly enjoy!

So I printed off the list and started checking off what I own.  It was very rewarding to check off so many things I should own.  I was mentally patting myself on the back for not investing in too many trendy pieces.  These are the items I need to acquire ... 

Footwear ~ 
Nude pumps

Accessories ~
Opaque tights (good ones I should spend $$ on)
Evening clutch (a go to)

Diamond studs (get on it hubs!!)

Tops~ (my biggest need)
Classic T
Long wrap cardigan

Skirts & Dresses ~
LBD short and long sleeved
pencil skirt (wool and cotton)

Outerwear ~ 

Not bad I would say ... and the idea being you spend more on the classics because they never go out of style!  So, I shouldn't feel bad about dreaming of the perfect black pump with red bottoms ...

Sigh ..

So far I can report I am thrilled with my Lent sacrifice.  I have been excited to get dressed and wear something I wouldn't normally chose.  Like the pink cardi from the pic above.  I have had it more than two years and never wore it.  In 20 days I have worn it twice and loved it both times.  It was really hard earlier this week when I really wanted those pink His and Hers chairs ... but then I walked away and found a 25% off coupon and a way to get them on Easter.  

I was very proud of myself.  And I continue to be ... thinking through my purchases is so much smarter and makes me a better steward.  And the hubs is thrilled.

And everyone loves a happy hubs!


  1. I need to print out that list. I think it is wise to invest in a few good quality pieces that will last and are timeless rather then a bunch of trendy pieces. I love your style, and have similar taste. I do not think preppy ever goes out of style! And, is appropriate at any age.

  2. Good for you for sticking with it!!! I have not been so good, but trying! It's amazing how many things I buy that I don't think "count"!!! By the way, loving your blog, reading it "backwards" every time I get a chance. Think I must be getting close to the beginning!!



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