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Inspiration du Jour ... #fundoors

Last week I posted on Instagram my desire to have a fun, colorful front door.  Every single spring I get the itch to paint our front door something fun and fabulous ... and each spring I get shot down by the neighborhood architectural committee.   But this year ... I am breaking the rules and making it happen!

Ideally, I would like a bright orange front door.  One that says ... HELLO! and shows off all the brass elements on the door.  But since my HOA peeps are very conservative I am afraid they would have a massive heart attack and fine me.  Oh, and force me to paint it brown once again. Yesterday during my downtime started playing with the color visualizer on the Sherwin-Williams website.  This was beyond fun.  You simply take a picture of the space you want to paint and upload the picture to the site so you can visualize the exact color you want to use.  

Brilliant!  Oh, and addictive!

Here is our house ... 

Well, our house with the garage cut off.  But I didn't need the garage for the front door pic!  Oh, and please note ... the sky is blue and the temps are amazing!  But it is Georgia and Tuesday it will be raining and 20 degrees colder.  Silly weather!

Here is our house with my ideal orange front door ...

perfectly named ... SW6884 Obstinate Orange

and a couple of shades less orange ... SW6886 Invigorate

I mean ... I just love it!  And the hubs completely agreed ... which was the big shocker, right before he said ... you just have to get approval.  

UGH ... But it is perfect, don't you think?  

Then I got all crazy and started adding in painted brick to the picture with black shutters and I completely fell in love with my house!

And that was where I completely lost the hubs.  He freaked out and would no longer engage me in any color visualization.  At least I know where he draws the line ...

I can't help it, I am just drawn to a white house!!

Sigh ... aren't they beautiful?

Which is why they are all located on my 100% me board on Pinterest!  

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. The orange is fabulous!! Fingers crossed! I love a white house, very favorite. I'm going to have to get on Sherwin Williams this evening and play :). Happy Monday!

  2. The orange is really fabulous ... my front door was once SW Kumquat. And it just makes you happy to see a cheerful front door when you drive up!! Perhaps if they say no you can bombard them with color theory research and a plethora of very traditional and outrageously high end homes with brightly colored front doors - they are out there. It would be fun to look!! Stay strong - it's not called Obstinate Orange for nuthin" :) And a white house is the best!! And my husband would keel over if I had our brick painted white. Maybe we need a support group of women who want to paint brick white and are frustrated because they can't!!! LOL

  3. It definitely blends into the architecture of your home, and isn't your front door mostly glass? Something tells me that the person on the board is not a fan of U of TN!!! ;-)

  4. Go for the door. Please don't paint that beautiful brick!

  5. I absolutely adore that orange for your front door! Fingers are crossed!

  6. Paige I am right there with you on the painted, love, love! Our homes our very similar on the exterior and I am dying to paint my orange-red brick white. Crossing my fingers for you on the front door color....we've got quite the PITA HOA here so I feel your pain.


  7. My (Cape"s) front door is orange and I love how it pops out to me every time I turn into my street.



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