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Inspiration du jour ... #dimples&tangles

If you have never completed a room for the One Room Challenge you truly don't comprehend the pressure.  Any one can complete a room, but to squeeze all those wants and can dos into six weeks is incredibly challenging.  

Hence the phrase ... One Room Challenge!

I have watched in awe as my friend Jennifer has joined up and tackled her aggressive to do list each week.  This is her first One Room Challenge and I remember my first and thinking I had completely lost my mind thinking ... 1.  I can pull this off   2.  I can get this massive to do list done.  If she is feeling any of these feelings she is hiding it well as I have seen her post each week with amazing updates and grace.

Photos like these have me in complete awe ...

Her fabric for the curtains ... a bolt so long she took it to the church to lay out and cut.  Brilliant move Jennifer ... absolutely brilliant!

And I am worried about which pelmet to design to take to the upholstery spa.  Ha!!

Her furniture she is spraying herself ... this picture alone would send me to reflexology for sure.  Thank goodness I only have two walls worth of high gloss to tackle this round!

Ambitious doesn't even describe it!

This to die for chandelier transformation inspired me to bring home a massive brass chandy from Goodwill last week to transform for the study.  

I see something similar in yellow coming soon to a blog near you!

And these stools?  I die!!

I have used this amazing fabric on a stool in our den ... but that hot pink trim makes these for me!  

Well played girl, well played!

If you don't read Jennifer's blog you need to start ASAP.  She is precious and incredibly talented and you will be inspired by each post she writes.  To catch up on her ORC ... start here and work your way up from week 1 to the current week.  No thank you required!


My favorite aspect of the One Room Challenge is how much I am inspired by my fellow participants.  Each week I bound out of bed at crack thirty on both Wednesday and Thursday to read each update.  I have said it many times ... it is like Christmas morning each week for six weeks twice a year.  Only, I am usually so tired that my caffeine intake on Wednesday and Thursday sees a large incline just to make it happen.  

Have you ever wanted to join?  If you have I highly recommend you do.  We will all be here to cheer you on!  It is life changing ... and incredibly rewarding to see your vision and six weeks of hard work come together!

Happy Monday!


  1. You are the best! I know you support every person, and they feel it. Beautiful post.

  2. Paige, do you use a roller or spray when you high gloss paint?

    1. I spray! I get a much better finish with spraying then I do when I brush it on! xo



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