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Off to Charleston ...

I am off to Charleston this week for The Southern Coterie Summit.  It is my first year attending The Southern C and to say I am excited is truly an understatement.  I am attending both for myself and as part of the Lifeguard Press team where I will be styling the tables for Thursday luncheon.

Enter stress and multiple lists lying everywhere here!

I am so excited to grow this blog and take The Pink Clutch brand to the next level.  I have been blessed with incredible readers over the last eight years.  My readership and networking have allowed me some incredible opportunities which I am incredibly grateful.  It has been an amazing ride the last few years and I look forward to where it will take me next.

I am beyond thrilled to be in the presence of some amazing speakers and presenters.  And of course, my precious friends.  I am blessed to be surrounded by incredibly talented and strong women friends who inspire me to push the limits and not put boundaries on my dreams.

Between the day sessions that will be filled with leaders in marketing, branding and social media and evening events where we can mix and mingle and network, I am thrilled to be able to gain insight from so many people I truly admire.  Any time you mix Domino, Better Homes & Gardens and Traditional Home in the same week it is bound to be life changing!

I will be back next week with amazing stories and pictures to share and of course ... incredible inspiration!  I haven't been to Charleston since the tail end of our honeymoon in 1995 and the hubs is super jealous that I am going without him.  I reminded him that we are celebrating 20 years in August and he can treat me to a trip where ever he would like.   I am completely up for it!

Now back to my massive One Room Challenge to do list.  I have so much to finish today and get posted before I leave at crack thirty tomorrow.  Bring on the coffee and the big mugs!

Nothing like a little pressure to get me going ... 


Happy Tuesday loves!


  1. How exciting! Have a wonderful trip!! (P.S. I can hardly stand to wait to see your big reveal! It will be fabulous, as always!)

  2. Oh, have so much fun!!! I am a Charleston born SC beachgirl landlocked in Atlanta!!! :) What a great place to have a conference - great design, food, beaches and more!!! Charleston is irresistible!!
    Can't wait to hear all about it and see your pics!!

  3. Have a wonderful trip. One of my most favorite places. Enjoy it for me!!

  4. I live in Charleston and love living here! Enjoy yourself. Love your blog. I am a long time reader since before you rebranded/restarted and wanted to say Hi!

  5. Have a wonderful trip! Be sure and look for T Rav and Shep!! ha ha Can't wait to see the pictures next week. Hugs

  6. Aw, I thought you were talking about Charleston, WV, til I saw your map. Bon voyage.



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