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Inspiration du jour ... #newventure

I am always inspired by things around me.  Whether it be photographs, flowers, food, music, friends or things I see while shopping, inspiration is every where you look!

I have long since loved any and all things vintage.  Nothing excites me more than a shopping trip to scour vintage treasures.  I love all things vintage ... from clothes to table top to gallery wall items to trinkets for my book shelves.  It probably started with my grandparents and their attendance of auctions when I was little.  My grandfather found something he liked and bought a number of them.  Our coffee table in the basement den used to be my parents kitchen table and my grandfather bought it and about 4 others when I was very small.  There are memories in those pieces and that is probably why I am drawn to them. 

The Parker Kennedy boys and I love to shop together.  And we are quite lucky ... we seem to stumble on the best finds.  Not a few days goes by where one of us is texting and calling about our finds.  It usually starts with an "OMG" and ends with the other responding with "amazing", "fabulous" or my usual ... "ok I'm now super jelly over that one".  

When our homes became full and it was silly to keep scouring for one another we needed to find a place for all of these incredible finds to land.  After months of talking and planning we are happy to announce our Instagram vintage shop PKL THE CELLAR.  

The Cellar is an Instagram vintage sale to take place each Thursday where we will offer a number of items for sale.  Each item will be described and showcased for your purchase.  We will have everything from porcelain to lamps, blue and white to brass, table top to bookcase styling pieces, art to clothing and so much more.  If we find it and its amazing we will be offering it to you. 

We are incredibly excited to launch this Thursday at 8 am EST and hope you will join us.  Simply follow @pklthecellar and let us fill your feed with eye candy galore.    

We have tons of teasers from items we are listing in the next month and each one is better than the last.  

And of course when they are styled and photographed I fall in love with them even more.

I might be keeping this Indian Tree dish for my gallery wall ... I have never spotted it in this incredible pink and green hue.  It is nothing short of gorgeous. 

Follow along on Instagram, comment and let us know what you would like to see, anything you are looking for and of course, your favorite things we post.  

We are super excited and hope you are too!

See you Thursday on The Cellar!


  1. Well that is super duper exciting! Just a quick question...Are y'all definite on starting at 8? Some people in later time zones may not be getting to their computers quite that early. But if it's awesome, I'd get out of bed for it! ;)



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