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What I read ...

I have mentioned before I have a morning routine.  I wake up, have coffee (bliss), read my devotional, get the kids to school and then sit down with coffee number 2 and my blog.
The routine changes some in the summer, obviously, but the sitting down at the computer with my coffee and my blogs is pretty much a ritual for me.  If I am out of town, its my coffee and my Iphone.  I am definitely a creature of habit.

Over the years my taste in blogs have changed quite a bit.  When I was first writing in 2007 I followed a lot of moms who blogged about their daily lives.  I needed the inspiration for parties, outings and meals.  And of course, to know that I wasn't alone in the struggle to stay sane with three young babies.  It was encouraging to read other people dealing with the same things I was for the most part.  I did have the special ed child difference but other than that my small babies were doing the same crazy things other kids were.  

They were "normal".

As they grew and my need for parenting blogs dwindled I gravitated towards design blogs.  I was inspired by the design and creativity I felt reading about their projects and homes.  It was just what this mama needed when all I felt I did was take care of children and drive the endless black Yukon XL taxi.  Don't misread ... I absolutely love my role as a mother.  I just needed some outside inspiration.  It was my insight into what the rest of the world was doing when I was doing laundry and making numerous schedules. 

Today I read a combination of the two.  I have my designer blogs I read for design inspiration and lifestyle blogs I read for life inspiration.  And I am committed to a list of my favorites, as in so committed I might get a little sad when they are on vacay, or sick, and don't post.  My day might not be the same without their updates.  


Today I am sharing three of my favorites ... 

I love Jenny!  She is the master at DIY that doesn't look homemade one single bit.  I have been reading her blog for years and her new schedule with a new baby has been a hard adjustment for me.  It is all about me, you know! I love her style, fearless use of bright colors in unexpected places and she just might be the cutest thing I have ever seen.  My gel mani habit is thanks to her.  Watching her paint and work and noticing her hands always looked good baffled me.  Her secret, gel.  Works like a charm!

Plus ... she is a contributor of Domino Magazine which is an all time favorite of mine!   Her newly completed home was featured in Domino in a not to miss article full of photos and tips.  I just love how she picked up her family of 5 at the time and moved back to their home state of Arizona and tackled a major renovation of their forever home.  Reading along for months was incredible and then to see the finished photos and an announcement she was pregnant with their fourth was amazing.  

If you don't follow Jenny you should ... you will love her!

Darling Cassie!  She is just adorable and her style posts may be one of my favorite things she does.  She wears things I would wear, looks amazing no matter what and doesn't break the bank while shopping. That is the perfect trifecta for me.  

I absolutely adore her hair and may or may not be headed to the salon this morning to drastically change mine.  It has become the mom hair for me that I can no longer live with.  I am bored and am using Cassie's adorable hair to inspire a change in mine!

Her recent One Room Challenge in their master bedroom was incredible.  I love the dark walls and the pillows on the bed.  Our master bedroom still needs some tweaks and hers has me inspired to think outside the box with my bed pillows.  

Adore Cassie ... and you will too!!

Kristin is the bomb when it comes to redoing her house.  Every single thing she does has me inspired.  And its a small house, so her skills are even better in my opinion.  I love her newly remodeled kitchen and of course her patio is one of my all time favorites.  This girl is incredibly talented and gorgeous to boot.  Love, love, love her home and all she has done with it!!

And this is just a tip of the iceberg of the eye candy she creates and posts!!  You can not go wrong reading about Kristin's house and projects.  And no thanks is required!!

Off to the salon ... cute hair promised when I leave!


  1. All good blogs; I've become addicted to your blog. When you don't post, I miss you. I wish there had been blogs when I was raising my three kiddoes. Now, I wish I could go back and do it again, with all the fun ideas I glean from blogs like yours and your friend "Bestie A." I also love all the great design reveals and how-to's. Other women care about how their house looks, AND they like change as much as I do. Who knew?

    Blogless Peggy

  2. Cassie is just adorable, and a beautiful person inside and out. Kristin's design style and home is amazing. Looking forward to reading about Jenny and The Little Red door.

  3. I love Cassie's blog!! I am looking forward to visiting the other two blogs! Thanks for sharing!!



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