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Inspiration du jour ... #colormehappy

Clearly I am driven by color ... it exists in everything I buy, wear, do and in every room of my home. Neutrals just don't work for me ... and I am perfectly ok with that.  As I type this am I am wearing blue and pink leopard pjs, surrounded by yellow pillows in my bed, drinking coffee out of a green Kate Spade mug and wearing my red glasses.  

Color is in my soul.

I am sure that my children will live in neutral houses after growing up in houses with bright, vivid colors.  Isn't that the way it works?

They will be drawn into the calm and serene of greys and taupes after years of pink, turquoise, green and yellow?

I guess we shall see ...

I can't tell you how many people stopped Skipper and I at Haven to ask us if we planned our super fun and bright clothes.  The answer is yes we planned to be cute ... but these are the same clothes we wear every day. 

Hence one reason I chose her ... she is full of color as well!


I just believe rooms are more fun and inviting when they are full of colors ... I mean, who wants to do laundry anyway?

And meals are taste better when served on colorful plates ... 


I see a pattern and can't wait to mix it with more.

And on grey, rainy days ... I add in even more color to brighten my mood!

Though I am pretty sure these hot pink Hunter ballet flats would work on any day of the week!

Bestie lunches are better with pink and green, and of course, an umbrella in your drink.

Gingham needs tassels and floral needs leopard ... it just speaks to me.


And while we are on the subject of tassels ... One is just never enough.  You need at least three and they should be worn with gingham at all times!

Anyone else color happy?

I think I need to see more of the color you love ... and I am super excited to share that I have paired with some of my favorite accounts on Instagram and in the blog world to see more of the color in your lives.

Follow along with Dixie Delights, Dimples and Tangles, Julia Ryan and Just a girl Abby for our weekly series ... #colormehappyparty.  Make sure you tag your rooms, adventures and decor ... we want to feature your love of color.

Let's flood social media with color ... it will make us all happy!

Happy Monday!


  1. This post has me all giddy this post has me all giddy! I cannot wait to put some serious color down in our new builder beige house! Shhh don't tell hubby!

  2. I commented over at Amanda's...I adore your use of color!

  3. I love neutral rooms but get restless when I am in them too long, and I long for pops of color. I just decorated my daughter's bookcase in her apartment. She's neutral farmhouse style, but I added a pair of bright orange foo dog bookends from Target. I told her every room needs a little wrong and a little color interest!



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