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Inspiration du jour #bestiesaregoodforthesoul

I am happily home and relishing in another amazing weekend.  As stated Friday Lance & I took off at dark thirty for a shopping weekend in Tennessee.  After a long week I was thrilled for some quality BFF time and a little time to myself.

We left later than expected due to a storm, but we were on the road by 6:30 am and headed north for Nashville.   Gingham, green and sneaks on ... I was ready to shop!

The Nashville Flea Market was great and I will definitely attend again.  Great prices and very large ... I found so many great things.  There are both interior and exterior booths and the outside booths are by far my favorite!

Silver plate for days ... I found so many fun serving pieces to add to my growing collection.  Just in time to entertain for the holidays.

So much jewelry ... and so many great pieces.

I also spotted so many great suitcases.  If I was collecting vintage suitcases I would have been home free.  Even a set of vintage Hartman.  #sofun

I almost pulled the trigger on these sterling silver sherbets ... but for the price I really would have liked the sixth one.  So pretty!

I am madly in love with this pattern, First Love.  I should have grabbed each and every piece he had and put it away for Little Bit.  It was stunning!

Mrs. Roper kaftan ... #perfection

Four hours and multiple trips to the car ... we were both thrilled with our trip to the flea.

ps ... Lance scored big time with that lamp!

On to Memphis ... 

I feel you sister ... I feel you!

Should have bought this painting for myself ... #regret 

And if only I had $1200 for this magnificent painting ... she was nothing short of stunning!

Needless to say we found plenty of amazing pieces and of course, the shopping time is always the best!

We found the time to have lunch with new friends and we treated to a cocktail at a new friends beautiful home.  Our time together was short but magical.  Thanks Beth!!

Staying with Natalie was a major treat.  Bestie time, extra hands for shopping, yummy cupcake run, quality time and dinner on the sofa ... what more can you ask for?

Sunday morning and it was off to Alabama on our way home ... 

Plaid and oil paintings ... check, check ...

Oogling over incredible pups ... check 

More oils I couldn't afford ... check

Did I mention I saw more pups than I could handle ... check, check, check, check ... 

It was all amazing!


And as I mentioned on Insta ... I eat like a small child on road trips.  Something needs to happen to pass the time!

Great weekend ... incredible shopping and more laughs than I can count.

Any time spent with those I love and adore is so good for the soul.  My best friends are my family and I couldn't be more thankful for them all.

I am one lucky girl for sure!

Happy Monday ... 

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  1. Hi Paige ! Loved the pics ... My daughter recently moved to Nashville. Although, I can attest she and her new hubs are learning every great new restaurant, she knows nothing about second-hand shopping. Where did I go wrong?
    They landed the cutest rental in walking distance from Music Row but Momma needs to help boutique it . Do share the locale of the Nashville Flea. Is it a yearly thing ? Thanks so much!



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