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Let's Get Swapping ...

Wow ... so many people signed up for round two of the vintage swap!

I'm so excited!!

Just to remind you ...

You will send one thrifted item (pick something you would really want to keep for yourself) to your partner, and they will do the same.  I would check your local thrifts, Good Will, Restores and the like.  The better item you get for the least amount is the key. 

Ship your item no later than Monday, October 4.  As soon as you get your item make sure you either blog or Instagram about it using the hashtag #vintageswap and please make sure you tag me (@paigeminear) so I can follow along!  

And please know ... one item is amazing.  There is no need to send more than one unless you find more you would love to swap!

Partner List ~

Melissa Fitch ~ Holly Bahamas

Confetti Style ~ House of Pemberley

Slightly Coastal ~ Lee Fields

West of the Square Designs ~ Mollie's Mom

Susan Gentile ~ Francie Flikis

Lisa Kennedy ~ Natasha Stevens

The Chinoiserie Collective - The Pink Clutch 

HCB Interiors ~ Debbie Herzig

Marsha Jones ~ Melissa Hobbs

Opulent Cottage ~ Christa D 

Amanda BayBush ~ MBZ Interiors

Biddix Family ~ A List Lady

Life at Lydia's House ~ Hobnail Salvaged Goods

Tracy Evans ~ Alice Thomas

J Satnick ~ Susie Feia

Dixie Delights ~ Trunks up Vintage

Email me if you have any questions!!  Make sure you check back to this post for your partners email address.  If you don't see it on the list, I have it and can give it to you if you pop me a message!  

Happy Swapping!! 


  1. I'd be "scared" to do this as there is a fine line between vintage and junk. LOL!!!!!! I guess you just hope for a partner with taste. Y'all have fun.

    1. I would partner you with someone I trust ... I can't be having you getting something not up to your standards! xo

  2. Thanks, Paige for pairing me with Tracy! This is going to be so much fun!

  3. Bummer! I missed the sign up! :(
    Count me in for Round 3!!!

  4. Hi! I wanted to be sure I had the right email for my buddy! I emailed her yesterday and haven't heard anything. Don't want to let her (or you!) down!

  5. Question! Monday is October 5th...Is it okay to mail then?

  6. I was wondering if you may have heard from my partner, Opulent Cottage? I've emailed her a few times and have not heard back. With today being the last day for mailing I'm nervous I'll miss the deadline. Thanks for any info, Christa



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