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What's In My Bag ...

I love a big bag and I cannot lie!  

I carry the largest purse I can and have for many years.  It used to be a bag of the season and then about five years ago I splurged and purchased a Louis Vuitton XL Neverfull and never looked back.  The new ones come with an amazing removable zippered clutch ... mine did not. And they have jumped a little in price.  But all in all, the best bag ever! 

And ps ... you can't fill this baby up!

Just t'row it in the wash, it'll be grand!

My kids refer to the bag as Louie and it has definitely stuck.  A few years ago when my best friends treated me to a matching wallet my kids named it Baby Louie and now they insist I have a Louie family.  Oh ... kids!

It was an investment for me, but one I have definitely never regretted.  About a year ago I tore one of the end straps and it was quickly repaired for me with only minimal effort on my part.  And the best part, when I picked it up the store treated me to a brand new dust cloth.  One bag + two dust cloths?  #yesplease!!

I am a mom and definitely have a mom bag ... and I am 100% ok with that!  I always have snacks, carry wipes for all needs, am a walking pharmacy and usually have somebody's something in my purse.  It is what it is and when it ends I will miss it.

Without further ado ... what's in my bag ~

Day Planner ~ for me its the Day Designer all the way.  The format fits perfectly with my lifestyle and the Today's Top Three is perfect for a stressful day.  If I can acomplish three things I am a winner for sure.  The planner band is amazing.  I can find my spot in a jiffy!

Tape measure ~ always!  I co-own a vintage resale business.  I am always in need of a good tape measure! And when they stop working ... I am the first to pitch it.  This one has stood the test of time!

Wipes ~ I wasn't kidding.  I love a container of wipes and I use them for so many things.  There is nothing better than a wipe to clean your hands after a successful antique store dig.

Magazine ~ the perfect reading for hanging out and waiting for Little Bit to finish swimming.  I know I am not the only person thankful Domino Magazine is back!!!  The Style Issue was amazing!!

Sunglasses ~ I always carry two pairs, this monogrammed pair and a pair of aviators.  Currently the aviators are missing!  #ugh

Sharpies ~ can you ever have too many?

Meds ~ a bottle of Aleve, a bottle of Tylenol, my rescue migraine meds and usually a random bottle of something.  I told you, a walking pharmacy.

Business cards ~ Mine are from the amazing Emily!  I keep few in the side pocket.  I find I always need them!  I need to find a great pouch to keep them in ... any suggestions?

Lipstick ~ I am a Mac matte girl and I currently have three colors in my bag.  I find I wear the pink one the most.  I switched to matte lipstick in the winter this year and I haven't looked back.  Mac has a full, rich color that I absolutely love. And the smell is pretty yummy too!

Lip Balm ~ Kiehl's for me please!

Snacks ~ I always carry snacks.  Two reasons, I am always needing one and our youngest has low blood sugar.  I have to watch her like a hawk.  These almonds are my favorite!

Keys ~ I used to carry a Kate Spade pink bow key chain.  The boys in my life complained when they had to carry it, so I switched to this monogram one!  I do not like to carry a lot of keys and I like my key ring tidy.  I am not a fan of all the tags and rings hanging off of it.  I am also a little obsessed with my car.  It is what it is ... 

Notepad ~ I like a good note pad.  I am a write things down, scratch them off in Sharpie kind of girl.  This one is my new favorite pad!  The pink pen?  My bestie Natalie left it in my car and I love it!  Shh ... don't tell her!

What's in your bag?  Are you a tiny purse girl or a big mama bag girl like me?

Do Tell ...

1 comment:

  1. Love this!! My mama said shoes, purses, and jewelry always fit, so get the good stuff :). I typically carry my Louis, very, very favorite is my Louis tote. So big and roomy :).



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