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New Years Eve ...

As we do every year, the Hubs and I are staying in.  Going out and worrying about crazies on the road just doesn't appeal to us.  We have always stayed in and its just our thing.

We are, however, hosting a few friends so I am in the midst of taking down the Christmas tables and styling them up for New Years.  I am not one to rush to take Christmas down ... and don't even disassemble my tree until the second weekend in January.  We leave it up through Epiphany and then take it down as a family the next weekend.

So, while I am working on tables and dodging all the rain we are getting in the south, I decided it was time to think about a menu!

My favorite thing to make, of course, is apps and drinks.  The Hubs handles the rest.  This year I am in charge of the salad as well, which shouldn't be any problem at all.  I make a mean salad, pinky swear.

We will be munching on Cranberry Artichoke Dip, Carmelized Bacon and a large Charcuterie platter.  I have two cocktails planned, Blood Orange Bourbons and Vanilla Pomegranate Cocktails. And, of course, champs for midnight!

The Hubs is planning to grill ... fingers crossed the endless rain stops!  I see him either choosing a flank steak or a beef tenderloin.  I am adding in a kale salad and roasted potatoes.  My bestie Skipper makes an incredible twice baked potato casserole which may make the cut.

Fingers crossed again on the weather we will be snacking on champagne s'mores and strawberries after dinner.  I am praying for no rain and just a smidge of crisp in the air to gather by a fire.

A night in with besties and kids ... the perfect way for us to celebrate!!

I hope your evening is filled with love and laughs ... see you in 2016!!!

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